Tamanous is a syndicate that deals in the niche market of organlegging, the buying and selling of metahuman organs. The syndicate is known to deal in despicable acts, from murdering SINless squatters to kidnapping and organharvesting to even "breeding" organs by serially impregnating enslaved women. Few of the leaders associated with the syndicate are known, and those that are known top the worldwide "Most Wanted" lists. It is rumored that Tamanous is either run by ghouls or is associated with ghouls, due to the ghoul's dietary requirement for human flesh.

The name "Tamanous" comes from Pacific Northwest tribal cultures (an area roughly equivalent to Tir Tairngire, Salish-Shidhe and Tsimshian). For the Umpqa tribe, Tamanous was a single great spirit, a god, who according to myths created Crater Lake by making the mountain explode. For the Yakama, tamanous were guardian spirits protecting them and granting them vision. Last known reference is the Black Tamanous, a secret cannibal society that existed in the Kwakiutl tribe.

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