Tan Tien is one of the major corporations of China, a member of the Pacific Prosperity Group, and one of the few Chinese corporations prior to the formation of the PPG that hasn't been gobbled up by a Japanese AAA megacorporation. It is extremely small by megacorporation standards, barely measuring as a third tier "A" Megacorporation, in terms of cash flow, but its researchers have made many breakthroughs in the area of biological data storage, cranial cyberdecks, and non-cyberware neural interfaces. It is well-known for innovation and focuses on pure research in its specialized fields, often taking jobs that are farmed out from other megacorporations on a contract basis.

Fuchi, Renraku, and Mitsuhama have all staged takeover attempts in order to gain Tan Tien as their personal research group in-house, but all of these attempts have mysteriously failed. Rumors range from their own personal otaku tribe to the Great Dragon Lung interfering in those attempts. Now with the clout of the PPG, it will be difficult for Japanese corporations to buy out this elusive member.

Tan Tien is currently headquartered in Beijing. Its president and CEO is Sau-kok Chu, an enigmatic recluse who is highly respected in China and is rumored to be Awakened.


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