Tarislar is Sperethiel for “remembrance.” This neighborhood of squatter shacks and abandoned apartment buildings, condos and strip malls lies near the southern tip of the district, between Silver Lake and Harts Lake. It is home to most of Puyallup’s elves, who fled the fires of the Night of Rage vowing they would never trust humans again. True to their word, the elves of Tarislar keep their contact with outsiders — especially humans — to a minimum.

The elves never intended to stay in Tarislar for long. They planned to emigrate to the tribal lands and join the Sinsearach elves, but after Tir Tairngire seceded from the Salish-Shidhe nation, the Tribal Council refused to let the elves cross the tribal lands to reach either the Sinsearach or Tir Tairngire. To this day, the inhabitants of Tarislar harbor a bitter dislike toward the Salish-Shidhe Council and Tir Tairngire for leaving them to their sorry fate.

> Seems kind of strange that Tir Tairngire, the elven “Land of Promise,” would leave so many elves in the Puyallup Barrens, doesn’t it? Until you consider how useful they find it to have a stable elven community along the metroplex border, especially in a lawless area like the Barrens. The Tir uses Tarislar as a dumping ground for elven exiles and as a pipeline for smuggling and espionage. Some sympathizers in Tarislar would do anything for the “motherland,” either because they’re Tir agents posing as exiles or because they still hope to someday escape the crushing poverty of Tarislar and live in the Tir.

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