The Tartarus Ring operates out of the Underground, primarily in Puyallup. The Ring members are mostly metahuman (orks, dwarfs and trolls) along with some humans. Unsubstantiated reports say the Ring also includes ghoul members. The leader of the Ring, known only as “Lord of the Inner Darkness,” is believed to be a shaman. DPI suggests a Bat shaman is most likely, given the Ring’s symbol and areas of interest.

The Tartarus Ring runs smuggling operations through the Underground, supplementing their income with occasional spying jobs. They also have an organlegging operation with possible ties to Tamanous. Investigation into the street drug called shade suggests that the Tartarus Ring is distributing and may even be manufacturing it; they’re believed to use a similar drug in their initiation rites. Undercover efforts to track down the source of shade have yielded no useful information to date.

> This is one of the most useless collections of pure speculation and guesswork I’ve ever seen. Believed to? May even be? Suggests? Lone Star calls this a report?

> Don’t blame the Star for not knowing much about the Tartarus Ring. Nobody does. They’re even more secretive than most inhabitants of the Underground, and most people are too scared of them to say anything (not that they’d talk to cops, anyway).
-Wilson Hill

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