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Telecommunications focuses on electronically linking and sending communications and data between people and computer hosts throughout the world. In the Sixth World, most of these services are provided by the Matrix service providers and satellite constellations. Telecommunications also encompasses the hardware and software needed to securely and effectively transmit data and communications.

Matrix Service Providers[]

Top Tier[]

  • Saeder-Krupp - S-K controls the regional grids for Austria, Hungary, France, Poland, Spain, and the Balkan States (in other words, most of Europe). It also owns the Orbital Dynamix satellite constellation.

Second Tier[]

  • Pacific Rim Communications Unlimited - PacRim Comm owns all of the Seattle RTG. It is a small megacorp in the Northwest North America, but it recently entered a contract with Yamatetsu to rebuild the Vladivostok grid.
  • Aztechnology - Aztechnology runs the Aztlan RTG. It ran the Denver RTG until Ghostwalker came and ousted them from the city.
  • Renraku - Renraku is the primary Matrix provider for Japan, the Philippines, and Peru, as well as several other Japanese interests such as San Francisco. The SCIRE shutdown forced them to restructure some of their grids for security purposes.
  • Ares Macrotechnology - Ares runs the Detroit LTG and owns the Ares Global Commsat constellation, which includes the Ares SkyFire.
  • Pueblo Corporate Council - The Pueblo RTG is known for its unique design and stringent security, a model that other grids have yet to match.


Telecommunications Gear[]