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Największy i najbardziej agresywny konglomerat w Tir Tairngire, the Telestrian Industries Corporation (TIC) jest zainteresowana niemal każdą dziedziną najnowszych technologii. Poza pracą dla wojska Tir oraz większości kontraktów zleconych przez rząd Państwa elfów, TIC posiada patenty większości zbóż uprawianych w Tir Tairngire. Udziały korporacji są niemal wyłącznie w posiadaniu bogatej rodziny Telestrian, a prezes, James Telestrian III bezwstydnie promujr nepotyzm; wszyscy kierownicy wysokiego szczebla (executives) to członkowie rodziny Telestrian.

Telestrian Industries kontroluje większość lukratywnego controls most of the lucrative business of shipping goods from Tir Tairngire to Seattle for distribution throughout the world. The company also has ties with local biotechnology corporations and agribusinesses. TIC has been selling some of its patented crops to farms in Snohomish with good results.

>>>>>[Everyone knows Telestrian Industries is little more than the Tir government’s proxy in Seattle. The Council of Princes owns 5 percent of the company, and they use Telestrian to keep tabs on us. Tir agents like the Paladins and even the Ghosts sometimes use the corporation as a means of getting in and out of the metroplex and as a safe haven while they’re here.]<<<<<

>>>>>[There’s a lot of infighting in the Telestrian family for power and influence in the company. Plenty of Telestrian shadowruns involve one faction plotting against another, like what happened in Fuchi but on a smaller scale. Sean Telestrian, the VP of TIC Seattle, definitely wants to move up the corporate ladder and is using his position to create opportunities for himself.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Telestrian’s biggest industry is biotech, and we’re not just talking engineered agriculture. The corp’s Biotechnology Division is working on some real cutting-edge stuff with gene-splicing and recombinant DNA. Their NeuroTech Computing subsidiary is also supposed to be working on biotech computer systems that approximate the structure of the metahuman brain. I read some of the research team’s reports. It seems they’re focusing on ways to model the “superior” elven brain rather than settling for “merely human.”]<<<<<