Położenie: 304th Street SE & 132nd Avenue SE, Auburn
LTG#: 1206 (84-5329)
Właściciel: Gar Skaar
Uprzedzenia: Brak

>>>>>[Ten bar bierze swoją nazwę od bladych świateł, które widać nocą w alei za barem. Bar jest słabo oświetlony, ma tanie meble i znany jest z jednego z najbardziej podłych pseudo alkoholi jakie kiedykolwiek zrobiono.]<<<<<

304th Street E & 132nd Avenue E

  • Owner - Gar Skaar

This bar gets its name from the ghostly lights seen in the alley behind the bar at night. After investigating a little, the owner discovered that the lights were not the aurora borealis, but rather waves of gas rising from a nearby garbage dump and igniting with pollutants in the air.

The bar is poorly lit, poorly furnished, and serves some of the most vile pseudo-alcohol drinks ever made. Here's where soon-to-be squatters go to spend their meager nuyen. It is also home to many a fading shadowrunner, too slow, too weak, or too old to make it on the streets anymore. If you have a little money and a death wish, consider coming here and giving a has-been runner one last chance for glory.

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