Położenie: Issaquah-Beaver Lake Road and East Beaver Lake Drive, Redmond
LTG#: 11206 (64-8457)
Mall Association President: Dr. Fish Fitzgerald
Uprzedzenia: Brak

>>>>>[Not too long ago, a group of street doctors banded together with some muscle to take over an abandoned Redmond hospital and open up a chain of body shops. Other doctors soon joined them creating an entire mall where each body shop competes to offer the best prices to its customers. There are more than ten body shops in the building. The prices are usually 10 to 20 percent below those found elsewhere in the metroplex.]<<<<<

Issaquah-Beaver Lake Road and East Beaver Lake Drive

Not far from Glow City (the locals’ name for the intensely radioactive remains of a 62 New Seattle nuclear power plant meltdown) is an abandoned hospital, taken over by a group of street docs and former staff members who offer legal and not-so-legal medical services to anyone who can afford them. The hospital’s four floors are set up like a sort of “shopping mall” of illegal chop-shops, body clinics and similar operations, all offering the best services at the lowest prices.

> You can find a lot of cheap cyber-mods here, at least 10 to 20 percent less than you’d pay in a Downtown hospital or clinic. Of course, a lot of the cyber is low-grade or second-hand (so are most of the replacement organs), so you get what you pay for.

> Neon Chrome

> This place does a brisk business with the yakuza and Tamanous, buying and selling illegal organs and used cyberware. If you’re shopping around for your medical needs, this place or Doctor Bob’s Quickstitch in the Bargain Basement neighborhood are the best in the district (though that may not be saying much).

> Doc-U-Dub

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