Położenie: 136th Street East & 122nd Avenue East, Puyallup
LTG#: 4206 (30-2997)
Master of the Mall: Ahn T. Pham

>>>>>[All manner of criminals market themselves in this abandoned mall. In a parody of other malls, each criminal has opened up his or her own "Store" to attract the business of people who need to go outside the law. Customers lovate the appropriate section of the mall, shop for the best price on a particular service and complete the transaction. Lone Star regularly raids the Crime Mall, but merchants have too many escape routes. It's usually only customers who get nabbed.]<<<<<

136th Street East and 122nd Avenue East

This abandoned three-story mall on the outskirts of downtown Puyallup went belly-up after the Crash of ’29. Local criminals moved in and turned it into a parody of a regular shopping mall, with each low-life opening his own “store” and selling whatever goods or services he had to offer. The Crime Mall is like a black-market bazaar for illegal products and services. Drugs, chips, electronics, software, cyberware, weapons, talismans—you name it, someone is selling it here.

Lone Star raids the place from time to time, but the “merchants” have a highly efficient early-warning system cobbled together from pirated electronics, and useful deals with a few helpful politicians in Puyallup Hall. All the blue crew usually finds is a deserted mall. Sometimes they nab a few of the small fry or their customers, but nothing they can do seems enough to put the mall out of business.

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