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Typ: Gang uliczny
Teren: Downtown
Kolory: zielony i złoty
Rasa: Ludzie

Przywódca: Blake
Porucznicy: Springblossom, Vladimir

The Cutters have heavily reorganized since the Seattle branch was nearly wiped out five years ago. Unlike most gangs, the Cutters organize themselves along corporate lines, as a “business operation.” The current leader is an African-American human named Blake, who survived the near-destruction of the Seattle Cutters and has worked to rebuild the gang. He is assisted by two lieutenants; Springblossom, a Deer shaman who acts as Blake’s magical advisor; and Vladimir, the gang’s dealmaker. Vladimir is wanted on twelve counts of murder and aggravated assault.

The Seattle Cutters number around eighty, less than half the membership of five years ago. They continue to recruit new members and bring in members from other factions outside Seattle, particularly those displaced from the Chicago area. Cutter operations range from smuggling and extortion to drug and chip dealing to kidnapping and freelance “security work.” They tend to deal in low-volume merchandise.

>>>>>[ Lone Star doesn’t go into detail, but the Cutters didn’t get geeked in a gang war (they try to avoid them). They were poisoned. Maybe a rival gang, maybe a dissatisfied customer … who knows? Anyway, most of the gang kicked off. They’ve been trying to rebuild ever since.]<<<<<

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