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Położenie: Ninth Avenue & Denny Way, Downtown
LTG#: 206 (56-2587)
Menadżer: Nava Ruffier
Uprzedzenia: Against Non-Elves, subtle

This is Seattle's first-class elven restaurant. The cuisine is a mix of Native American and vegetarian with some of the Oriental style that passes for Elven today. Plants and terrariums to give it a glen-like feel.

>>>>>This is the place to go if you want to see and be seen in the Elven community.<<<<<

  • Proprietor - Thomas Dannel
  • Night Club (bias against non-humans and poor, no bias against Anglos)
  • Security Rating - AAA (The Strip)


This place is Drek-hot and located in the middle of the Strip. The rich and famous make themselves known here. The music never ends and the bar never empties. The lines outside wrap around the building, but they might as well wait, the chances of getting in are slim to none, especially if you're not human. There are three floors, the bottom one is used as the general mixing ground with a fully stocked bar, and the best in comforts surround the well-to-do. The second is a wrap-around walkway, and the one-way glassed booth of Thomas Dannel, sits looking down on the masses below here. The top floor is for only the most trusted of patrons. All manner of "Interesting" things happen up there. If you can afford it, you can have it. Packing weapons is heavily frowned on, and just because the bouncers are human, doesn't mean they are lightweights. Hours are from sundown to sun up. No exceptions. Thomas is a smooth man, he knows the ins and outs of the socialite life.

>>>>>[They ain't kid'n. I waited all night trying to get in. I didn't even make it up to the door.]<<<<<
- Rags to Rags

>>>>>[Of course you didn't. Only the Rich and Beautiful can get in there, if you're not the part, you're not getting in.]<<<<<
- Riches to Riches

>>>>>[I hear the owner is a member of the Humanis policlub. If you're not human, you don't want to be in there anyway.]<<<<<
- Love an Ogre

On a side note: He has a special place in his..."heart" for Circe. He finds her almost kindred in her use of people and works as a fixer for her on the side. If he works with others he won't say. This could be called her home away from home, and she is comfortable in the swell of the crowds.