10-861 The Feathered Serpent Boxed Set Edytuj

10-861P: The Feathered Serpent

Price: unknown (mine cost some 70 Dutch guilders, roughly US$35)
Figures: 1
Parts: 8

Overview: Quite a good and large kit of a feathered serpent, the dracoform with colorful feathers that comes mainly from Central America. The kit is cast in some kind of lightweight resin (my guess is polyurethane) with a pewter base that gives it some weight and will stop it from falling over too easily. The figure is well-sculpted although the pose is a bit strange; the serpent almost appears to be coiling around itself in the air. The feathers are well-defined over the entire body, which should make them easy to paint. (As a painting guide, the color plates in the first and second edition Shadowrun main rulebooks will be essential.) Although there are supposed to be eight parts in the kit, mine had an extra one because one of the legs had broken off and needed to be glued back on. There was also some warpage in the kit that prevented two parts from lining up properly, but this is easily fixed by heating the part with a hair dryer or boiling water (watch out you don't burn yourself!) and bending it back into shape; these are problems typical of resin models. Another snag was the fit of the wings, which wasn't good at all and required quite a bit of filling to prevent gaps and fix the wings firmly to the body. Apart from these relatively minor points, it's a very good kit that will almost certainly attract a lot of attention if painted up well.

The price may seem high, but it's the largest dragon figure produced for Shadowrun, much bigger than either Dunkelzahn or Lofwyr and thus a lot more impressive in a collection. The cost is also a result of Ral Partha using resin rather than metal; resin models are more expensive to produce than metal ones for a number of reasons.

Notes: like the Corporate Dragon, this figure has been out of production for some time, so it can be difficult to find. (Mine came from the same discount bin as the Corporate Dragon, by the way.)

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