Położenie: 51st Street NE and 228th Avenue NE, Redmond
LTG#: 11206 (68-2711)
Właściciel: Stan Casebler
Uprzedzenia: Brak

>>>>>[The Mad Woman used to be a major nightclub before the Crash of '29. Now dancing and singing are out while heavy drinking is in though the owners sometimes turn on the radio so people can toss back shots in time with the music. The place is usually crowded with unemployed shadowrunners.]<<<<<

This cramped bar was started with good intentions but quickly became just another dirty hole in the wall when Redmond started its downward plunge into squalor and poverty. Originally planned as an exclusively lesbian establishment, The Mad Woman has become a favorite location for female shadowrunners to conduct business and swap stories.

The building itself was once a women's health center that was closed due to a lack of funding. It was purchased, renovated, and transformed into a popular, albeit notorious, bar. Faded advertisements for outdated birth control methods decorate the walls beside diagrams of the female reproductive system and self-defense techniques. The restrooms have both been labeled WOMEN; painted mannequins loom in the corners, female but dressed in men's clothing; the furniture is the same cheap, plastic drek that can be found in any hospital waiting room.

Owned and operated by a pair of female trolls named Liza and Belle, The Mad Woman is too small to be a dance club and too sleazy to be a restaurant; it fits very nicely into a category all its own and the clientele appreciate its grungy uniqueness. Men are not welcome in this bar unless they are accompanied by a female, and even then they can count on being glared at and harassed until they either leave or give someone an excuse to blow them away.

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