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The Merlyns are Seattle’s largest and oldest wizzergang. Most wizzergangs disintegrate sooner or later because of the colossal egos of the wiz-kids involved, but the Merlyns have been going strong for years—most likely because of their association with the Finnigan Family, which uses the Merlyns for magical muscle and support. The gang leader is a human named Saturn—an unknown, no verifiable background.

The gang members take magical names based on different heavenly bodies (Saturn’s apparently into astronomy). The gang VIPs are named for planets.

  • Venus is Saturn’s lover and possibly the real brains behind the gang.
  • Mercury is the gang’s teacher, who spends time showing mafiosi how to deal with magic.
  • Mars is the gang’s war leader, specializing in combat magic.

Second-tier gang members are named after constellations, while newbies and low-level members are named for comets, asteroids and other minor celestial phenomena.

>>>>>[The Merlyns are in an interesting position these days. The gang has strong ties to the Finnigans and Uncle Al Cavalieri, who brought them into the Family. Don Maurice Bigio can’t afford not to use the Merlyns to protect Mafia operations from Triad and yakuza magic, but he doesn’t trust them. If Rowena O’Malley stages a coup d’état against Bigio, you can bet the Merlyns will be leading the charge.]<<<<<
-Wiz Kid

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