Położenie: 108th Avenue SE and 208th Street SE, Renton
LTG#: 16206 (41-4578)
Właściciel: Bernard Slotto
Uprzedzenia: Przeciwko brzydkim ludziom

Revivalist rock bands consider this nightclub to be a stepping stone toward appearing in the more prestigious clubs downtown.

>>>>>[A favorite spot for rising young Yakuzas.]<<<<<

108th Avenue SE and 204th Street SE

This club, done up in a black-and-white theatrical theme, hosts plenty of up-and-coming rock bands and acts who view it as a step toward performing in the hotter downtown clubs. The Mime is also a favorite hang-out for Renton’s younger yakuza. To make life interesting, a major Mafia hangout—the Italiano—is right across the street. Habitués of both clubs have come to expect frequent violence and gunplay outside their favorite venues.

>>>>>[Both the Mafia and the yakuza seem to use the two clubs as a sort of “testing ground” for their younger and newer members. Those who can survive hanging out there are worth keeping; the weak and the stupid are weeded out. Sort of Darwinian recreation.]<<<<<

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