Typ: Uliczny
Location: Tacoma
Rasa: Orki

Ci młodzi orkowie to synowie i córki ocalałych z Noc Gniewu. The Ragers prey on people, Particularly Humans, up and down Commencement Bay -- all in the name of Ork freedom and self-defense. Local authorities believe the Ragers use underground tunnels to move about. They have never been able to track down or capture any of the gang members.

Obszar działania: wzdłuż doków Tacoma
Kolory: czarny i szary (wielu z nich nosi bandany wokół ręki)
Rasy: Większość to orki. Kilka trolli i krasnoludów

They’re mostly orks, with a few trolls and dwarfs, who cling to memories of the Night of Rage (despite the fact that it happened before most of them were born).

The Ragers roam Commencement Bay, preying on people—particularly humans—in the name of metahuman freedom and selfdefense. They’re hard to track when they move, which most likely means they use the tunnels and parts of the Ork Underground when they travel.

>>>>>[Any human caught on Rager turf after dark had better hope the Ragers are too busy beating up some other poor slot to notice.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Word has it the Mafia wants to use the Ragers against the yakuza, but the gang doesn’t like or trust either syndicate. They hate the yakuza for their racist attitudes, but the Mafia isn’t much better. Overtures to the Ragers from the Mafia have been met with cold rebuffs. Don Bigio is either going to push back or ignore the Ragers to fry some bigger fish. If Bigio goes after the gangers, he could be leaving himself open to a yakuza attack.]<<<<<
-Dockside Dave

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