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Typ: Gang uliczny
Location: Puyallup
Kolory: Srebrny i złoty
Rasa: Ludzie

Gang motorowy (rowerowy?) wprost z Puyallup.

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The Reality Hackers are a techno-gang out of Puyallup proper, near the Puyallup River and Tacoma. They go in for a sleek techno look and feel, with exotic cybereyes, metallic cyberlimbs and everything in chrome and gold. Most members are human; the gang recruits from runaway corporate kids, concentrating on the Tacoma area.

The Hackers pay for their techno-toys through theft, datasteals, chips and pirated software, along with more traditional ganger fare. They’ve turned a large, abandoned warehouse along the river into their own private headquarters/nightclub, where they stash a fair amount of computer gear for their own use along with high-tech audiovisual systems for parties.

> The Reality Hackers give great parties, chummers. Total blow-out fun with some kickin’ effects. If you get invited to one, don’t miss it.

> The Dead Decker’s Society “In Kibo We Trust”

> At least part of the secret of the Hackers’ success is the sorry state of the Puyallup Matrix. Most of the systems are isolated, so it takes more than a hot deck to break into a system. You have to physically get to where the computer is and hack into it. The Reality Hackers are good enough at both physical intrusion and decking to pull off some impressive datasteals in the district and make a tidy profit selling the swag. They also fence a lot of tech and data that comes through Puyallup, because they already have the connections.

> Burning Chrome

> The Reality Hackers used to have ties with the yakuza, but that ended a couple of years ago when the yaks set the Hackers up for a serious fall. A run against Pacific Rim Communications went sour and nearly wiped out the entire gang. The Hackers have rebuilt since then and take great pleasure in doing significant harm to yakuza operations. I expect the Hackers will end up working with one of the Seoulpa Rings eventually, if they don’t already.

> Impact

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