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Położenie: Upper Ridge Road and 18th Street SW, Everett
LTG#: 3206 (73-1209)
Właściciel: Inez Trotten
Uprzedzenia: Trolle nie zostaną wpuszczone

The Rubber Suit jest największym i najbardziej ekskluzywnym nocnym klubem w Everett.

>>>>>[Ulubione miejsce młodych z Yakuzy z klanu Shotozumi.]<<<<<

Certain members of the First Nations gang occasionally show up at the Suit to talk to the yakuza kobun who gives them their marching orders — and to get the latest word on the nuyen and toys that constitutes payment from their yak bosses. If you’re looking for an audience with the local yakuza, this is the place to start.

>>>>>[ The Mafia has hit the Rubber Suit something like six times in the past few years. Most recently, the place was strafed with automatic weapons fire from a drive-by and fifteen people died, only half of them yakuza. Every time the Mafia hits the place, the yakuza retaliate in force—a classic escalating-war scenario.]<<<<<
-Connie Connoisseur

>>>>>[That particular hit wasn’t the Mafia, Connie—it was the Choson Ring, which hates the yakuza with a passion and would like nothing more than to see their rivals forced out of Everett altogether. I’m assuming it’s only a matter of time before Don Vincent decides to take advantage of that situation and arrange an alliance of some kind with the Choson Ring against the yaks.]<<<<<
-Neon Leon

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