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Leader: Giggles
The Scatterbrains, the weirdest thrill gang in Seattle, base their modus operandi on some real twisted ideas of humor. Their leader, a psychotic troll named Giggles, has a serious clown fixation. All gang members wear a clown-style costume, along with the gang’s symbol—a skull with red “Bozo hair.”
The Scatterbrains play elaborate practical jokes, from satires of protest rallies and other social events to spraypainting the side of the Renraku arcology.

>>>>>[The Scatterbrains are totally fragging loco, omaes. They will do anything for a laugh, and what they consider funny seems to depend on where Giggles’ fragged-up brain is on any given day. I’m talking drek like spraying acid on people or using squirts filled with hallucinogens and other twisted stuff. Don’t mess with these frags, and if you see them, get out of their way.]<<<<<

>>>>>[The gang allegedly has a hideout somewhere along the Everett docks, probably a warehouse. The Scatterbrains and the Kabuki Ronin seem to get along fine, and they’ve never had a turf war, even though they cover the same area. Maybe it’s their mutual love of whiteface?]<<<<<

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