Położenie: Redmond Fall City Road and 196th Avenue NE, Redmond
LTG#: (64-8462)
Właściciel: Eldred Garbina
Uprzedzenia: Przeciwko Metaludziom

This is the district's hottest nightclub. Redmond's best musicians trek to the Skeleton in hopes of attracting the attention of the music agents who are always there. The club also attracts rich young people from Bellevue who enjoy the thrill of slumming in Redmond.

The Skeleton is Redmond’s hottest nightclub, located on the southern edge of Touristville. Redmond’s best musicians trek out to the Skeleton most every night in hopes of being discovered by one of the talent scouts or media-corp people who frequent the club. It also attracts Bellevue’s young and well-off, who enjoy the thrill of “slumming” in Redmond.

>>>>>[The Skeleton’s management likes to keep the place looking good, which tends to mean orks and trolls aren’t welcome. An average-size bribe usually convinces the bouncer that you’d add “color” to the place.]<<<<<
-Goblin Boy

>>>>>[Great place to snatch some corporate kid and put pressure on mommy or daddy. Security is tight for that very reason, and a lot of goldenkids have their own bodyguards, but it still beats the odds of successfully breaking into a high-security condoplex.]<<<<<

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