Przywódca: Lord Torgo

Terenem małego gangu Spikes jest Interstate 5 (Autostrada Stanowa nr. 5) (src.128-129).

The Spikes, who control most of Intercity 5 south of downtown, are a gang of troll bikers led by a massive troll known as Lord Torgo. The gang has prospered under Torgo’s leadership, wiping out the Silent P’s in Puyallup and strengthening their hold over I-5. Torgo is a skilled tactical leader with a mean streak a kilometer wide. He hates elves, and the gang’s initiation ritual involves the new recruit killing an elf to prove himself. The gang’s symbol is a crude drawing of an elf’s head with Xs for eyes and a spike driven through it.

>>>>>[Torgo is building up the Spikes into a formidable force. I hear he dreams of taking down the Ancients and becoming the leader of the largest and toughest go-gang in the plex.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Not going to happen. The Ancients outnumber the Spikes something like three to one, and they’ve got better weapons and combat skills.]<<<<<

The Spikes - A troll gang lead by Lord Torgo. This gang use to be named the Spiked Wheels. Lord Torgo became the gang leader when he single handedly destroyed a large portion of the Silent P's gang. The gang is anti elf and works hard to impede anything that Tir Tangire might have an intererest in. They claim interstate 5 as theirs. This gang is small but very deadly. They wear camo uniforms and the symbol of the gang is a elf head with X's for eyes pierced by a spike. The Spikes like using Tir border patrols for target practice and ahve even mixed it up with Tir Ghosts from time to time.

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