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7205: The Universal Brotherhood Edytuj

The Universal Brotherhood: Unleash Your Inner Abilities!/Missing Blood

Released: 1990
Authors: Nigel D. Findley & Chris Kybasik
Okładka: John Zeleznik ISBN: 1-55560-024-7
Pages: 56 (Missing Blood) + unknown (handout)
Status/Availability: out of print/very rare

Overview: This is perhaps the most sought-after Shadowrun book in existence. Despite its serial number indicating it as a sourcebook, it is really an adventure (Missing Blood) and a large player handout, bundled together in a paper sleeve; it's definitely not a book you can read and get adventure ideas or world background information from—except for the truth about the Universal Brotherhood, the well-known charity organization. The idea behind the package is that the players go through the adventure, and at some point discover the handout, which the gamemaster then lets them read—they certainly should not see it before that time! The adventure itself is fairly straightforward, but will be discussed in the adventures reviews.
Survey Rating: 8.9 (18 votes)

Missing BloodEdytuj

7205: Missing Blood

<p class="data">Released: 1990
Author: Chris Kybasik
ISBN: not applicable

Price: not applicable
Pages: 56
Edition: First
Plot: A mid-level corporate manager hires the PCs to track down his mistress and get back the necklace he gave her; his wife found the receipt, and he told her the necklace was for her. Unfortunately, the mistress is a member of the Universal Brotherhood, who plans to transform her into an insect spirit. Investigations turn up a number of leads, but in the end all go to the Universal Brotherhood, and the only choice left to the players is to make an assault on one of the chapterhouses to try and find the woman, or at the very least the necklace. With insect spirits, though, this sounds a lot easier than it is. However, the PCs will not be completely caught off guard, because during the course of the investigation they will turn up pointers than not everything about the UB is the way it seems.
Thoughts: If you have players who don't know what insect spirits are (like a new group), run them through this one to let them slowly discover there's more out there than they ever held possible. The adventure is pretty good, starting out as a standard investigation into a missing person, but by the end there's a good chance your PCs will run away as soon as they see an insect...

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Survey Rating: 8.9 (18 votes)

Notes: This is the adventure from The Universal Brotherhood.

Opinia o Missing Blood jednego z graczyEdytuj

It was a late night Shadowrun session. There was the game master, and three or four friends/housemates. We played until midnight and got most of the legwork done. We were breaking for the night and the GM had a document handout that he offered to leave with us to read before the next session. One of my friends said ‘Why don’t you read it to us?’ I should point out that our GM was very enthusiastic and prone to over dramatization. So he was happy to oblige. The others went home or to bed but the three of us stayed up. It wasn’t really playing but we were listening to this story thru the ears of our characters. It took hours for him to read the 80+ page book. He used all hus dramatic abilities to draw us into the story. It was an account of someone who was tracking the same thing we were. Our GM told the story expertly, and by 4am when he finished we were spooked. We couldn’t wait to play again, but were terrified of what was going to happen to our characters. It was as scary as any horror movie I’ve ever seen. When we next convened to play some of the others had read the story but they didn’t fully get how scary the situation was. Eventually the rest of the group started to pick up on our edginess. It added tension to the rest of the adventure. All our characters survived, which was a suprise. However learning what we did, knowing what evil was out in the world, made it a subdued victory. It also certainly affected our character’s developement after that.

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