The Year of the Comet is another name for the year 2061 in the Sixth World timeline, and is the foundation for several major events in the Sixth World. It is named for the passing of Halley's Comet, an astronomical event of great significance both historically and metaphysically in a world Awakened with magic.

Mass Hysteria Edytuj

On one hand, the appearance of Halley's Comet is hailed by many cults and doomsayers as the End of the World, as it has in the past. Many Matrix sites and popular media are offering suggestions on "How to Protect Yourself for the Coming Disaster", in a mood reminiscent of the Y2K panic at the turn of the century.

On the other hand, many other cults and media are hailing the comet as a "Sign of the Times" and suggest celebrating the coming of the comet, again as it has in the past. Comet graffiti covers all sorts of places in the Matrix and in the real world. "Comet watching" parties abound, resembling a cross between Mardi Gras and Halloween, and corporations use the comet as an advertising ploy to market comet-related products. Concrete Dreams comes out with a new single called "Halley Come Down", which tops the charts.

The Probe Race Edytuj

The world has a new interest in Space with the coming of Halley's Comet, and the corporations follow suit. Many corporations vie for the publicity of being the first corporation to land a probe on the comet, starting with Ares in 2060. As each corporation climbs on board the bandwagon, the probes start to fail under thinly-veiled attempts at sabotage, and the race turns into a cutthroat competition of simply getting a space probe to survive.

SURGE Edytuj

The level of ambient mana in the Sixth World rose during the passing of Halley's Comet, and in a small portion of the population, a second mass Goblinization occurred (starting on September 4, 2061 and ending in April of 2062). Scientists were quick to dub this phenomena Sudden Recessive Gene Expression, or SURGE, and it appeared to express itself in either standard Goblinizations resembling current metatypes and metavariants or alternate aberrant expressions that caused the development of either animal-like characteristics or previously unknown Awakened expressions. These SURGE people were called "Changelings" by the mass media, and led to both persecution by anti-metahuman factions and a popular cultural fad.

SURGE also affected the plant and animal world at large, and caused the development of many new Paranormal species.

Ghostwalker Edytuj

On December 24, 2061, the Great Dragon Ghostwalker appeared out of the Federal District of Columbia rift left behind by the explosion that caused Dunkelzahn's death, after months of unusual spirit-related activity around the rift. Ghostwalker immediately laid siege upon the Denver Front Range Free Zone with a small army of powerful spirits, attacking seemingly random targets. This culminated in the Dragon laying claim to the Front Range Free Zone and the expulsion of Aztlan from the Denver sectors.

The Decline of the Japanese Empire Edytuj

Due to various natural disasters (possibly caused by the abuse of manalines in the Pacific Ring of Fire), the new child Emperor of Japan calls back the JIS Marines from its various holdings in CalFree and the Philippines. The Japanese Imperial State, a renewed powerful nation in the Sixth World, is rapidly approaching another zenith. Will it cling to its traditions and conservative ways, or will the young Emperor lead the Empire of the Rising Sun to a new age of change and prosperity?

California and General Saito Edytuj

One Japanese colonel refuses the order to withdraw from California. In a rebellion against his country and his Emperor, Saito (now a self-proclaimed general) fortifies his position in San Francisco, and rules the city and the surroundings with an iron grip and with several thinly veiled racist policies. Japan Uber Alles?

The Yucatan War Edytuj

Rebels in the Yucatan wage a covert and magical war against Aztlan and Aztechnology.

Timeline Edytuj

(Source: Year of the Comet, p 136)

2061 Edytuj

  • January - Comet hype begins
  • January to September - First leg of the Probe Race.
  • August - Typhoons batter the Philippines.
  • September - Halley's Comet becomes visible. Manastorms increase in frequency and intensity. Unusual spirit activity appears over the Rift in Federal District of Columbia. Astral space becomes visible around Wuxing HQ in Hong Kong.
  • September 4 - First SURGE cases reported.
  • September 4 - Ibn Eisa is assassinated.
  • September 10 - Ibn Eisa rises from the dead, proclaiming the New Islamic Jihad.
  • September 12 - Paranoia about SURGE causes several riots.
  • October - SURGE backlash continues
  • October 27 - Ring of Fire erupts. Japan, the Bay Area, and the Philippines are devastated.
  • October 29 - Japanese Diet orders the withdrawal of Imperial troops to assist disaster relief.
  • November - Halley's Comet temporarily disappears from view. General Saito refuses the Diet's withdrawal order, establishing himself in a military coup around the Central Valley, Sacramento, and San Francisco.
  • November 1 - Ancestor spirits warn of the "return of the dead".
  • November 27 - The Orichalcum Rush starts.
  • December 24 - Ghostwalker appears through the FDC Rift. First reported shedim sighting.

2062 Edytuj

  • January - CAS offers bounty for magicians who reanimate corpses. Aztlan moves military troops to the Denver Front Range Free Zone.
  • January 3 - The new child Emperor of Japan is announced to the world.
  • January 27 - Council of Denver meets with Ghostwalker. Ghostwalker is given control of the city, while Aztlan is kicked out.
  • February - The Emperor of Japan rescinds the Yomi Island decree. The Huk openly revolt in the Philippines.
  • February 5 - Aztlan and Aztechnology start slash and burn of Yucatan.
  • March - Halley's Comet becomes visible to the naked eye again.
  • March 15 - Earthquakes and storms batter the Yucatan, halting the Aztlan offensive. Nature and toxic spirits wage war on both sides and against each other.
  • April - Halley's Comet disappears from view for the last time. All known natural orichalcum deposits run dry. SURGE cases decrease to a trickle.

References Edytuj

  • Year of the Comet

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