The top Triad in Seattle is led by Lodgemaster Zheng Li Kwan, a Hong Kong émigré who came to Seattle looking for new markets to exploit. Since taking control of the Yellow Lotus in 2051, Kwan has reorganized the Triad and used aggressive recruiting to more than double its size. The Lotus has focused on recruiting metahumans barred from joining other criminal gangs. Most of the new recruits are orks, giving the Lotus considerable influence in the Puyallup Barrens.

The Lodgemaster himself is a strong believer in the Triads’ mystical traditions. Kwan is an adept initiated in Triad mysteries and secret martial arts techniques. He rarely displays any of his magical abilities these days, allowing his underlings to handle such matters, but legends of his powers claim that Zheng Li Kwan can snap steel with his bare hands and cause death with no more than a gentle touch.

>>>>>[I’d normally call such stories urban myth, but I’ve seen adepts do things like that, so it’s possible that Zheng can.]<<<<<
- Norman

>>>>>[The Lodgemaster’s advisor is the one who really scares me. He’s the “incense master” of the Yellow Lotus,whatever that means. His name is Su Cheng and he’s all decked out like some ancient Chinese wizard from the simflicks, with a drooping Fu Manchu mustache and embroidered robes. He looks at you like you’re completely beneath his notice, like a fly he can swat whenever he wants. He’s supposed to be a mega-powerful mage, and I believe it.]<<<<<
- Greely

>>>>>[Su Cheng is more than just a Taoist wizard. He’s a vampire, able to drain souls to feed his unholy appetites.]<<<<<
- White Tiger

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