Thor shot is a term used to describe a massive weapon in space capable of doing devastating damage from orbit. Typically, a Thor shot is a mass driver that fires space junk welded together into a large projectile. It impacts with force that is equivalent to a nuclear blast, without the secondary EMP or radiation effects. Only a few corporations are confirmed have the Thor shot weapon available. Ares Macrotechnology is thought to have the most, with eight Thor shots available at any given time spread across the globe. Other corporations with Thor shots include Saeder-Krupp and pre-2059 Fuchi.

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  • July 2063 - Ares launched Thor shot at the Proteus Romo arcology, blowing it off the Danish coast, in retaliation for strikes against their Thule facility.
  • November 2064 - Shortly after the Novatech IPO, Art Dankwalther was hit with an Omega Order and a Thor shot. (sf.101,127)

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