The JIS Timeline presents the merged histories of three timelines presented throughout Shadowrun. Untagged entries are FASA/FanPro official incidents, while events tagged with the (SNE) is the history of Shadowrun presented in the Group SNE products Tokyo Sourcebook and Tokyo Eye-Shot, published by the Japanese Shadowrun-licensee, Fujimi-Shobo, while the (JIS) are historical events presented through the JIS Project, an alternative setting to the Group SNE setting by Japanese Shadowrun players and gamemasters to be more in sync with the Japanese Imperial State as presented by FASA/FanPro. The three settings present a similar setting but with differences and it is up to the gamemaster to decide which setting is comfortable with them and their players.

The End of The Japanese MiracleEdytuj


  • Showa era ends; the Sakae era begins with the ascension of Crown Prince Irohito to the throne. (JIS)


  • Issinkai party formed from a group of young politicians. Disgusted by the politics of the post-war parties and the economic depression, the Japanese public flock to the fledgling party. (JIS)


  • Ryotaro Hashiwaza of the Issinkai party is elected Prime Minister. With control of the Diet and high popularity, the Issinkai party announces sweeping policies. (JIS)


  • The Hashiwaza Cabinet, due to influence from the business sector, announces an examination of the currency. Popularity falls. (JIS)


  • The Hashiwaza Cabinet announces the privatization of publicly-held corporations, as well as the redenomination of the yen at the end of the fiscal year. The new currency unit is called the nuyen. (JIS)
  • The Hashiwaza Scandal. The Hashiwaza Cabinet's budget is discovered to be a fraud. The expenses are more than what was estimated and there are many sanctions off the budget; however, there is no evidence of embezzlement. The Hashiwaza Cabinet's popularity hits rock bottom. PM Hashiwaza retires and Jiro Omoto of the Issinkai party becomes Prime Minister. (JIS)
  • Unemployment rate hits 9% (JIS)


  • Rioting breaks out in Osaka. Although traveling in an armored limousine, former PM Hashiwaza is assassinated. Shocked by the news, PM Omoto flees the country and disappears.
  • Following the disapperance of PM Omoto, the Diet elects a series of 5 Prime Ministers, none of whom last more than 6 months. Some retire under the stress, while some are assassinated. The Japanese government is stunned. A movement emerges to restore national order, and some legislation appears on the floor of the Diet to turn back the Hashiwaza reforms. (JIS)


  • Crown Prince Takehito, also known as the Okutukinomiya, the second son of Emperor Sakae, returns from the United Kingdom. He breaks a constitutional prohibition and begins making political suggestions and taking direct political action. Many people take to the young prince. Because of his ideas and actions, Japan begins to show signs of recovery. (JIS)


  • Restoration of leadership in the Japanese government. (JIS)
  • The Ministry of International Trade and Industry provides administrative guidance to each corporations, including megacorps. However, at this date, the megacorps are not given full extraterritorial rights. (JIS)
  • The Okutukinomiya is accused of breach of the Constitution by citizens' group and is served with a lawsuit. Leftist extremists attempt to assassinate the Okutukinomiya but are stopped by bodyguards provided from megacorps. (JIS)
  • Terra-First attacks Shiawase nuclear reactor. (JIS)
  • Every year from this year, "Omiwatari" happens on Lake Suwa, Nagano perfecture. "Omiwatari" is the ridge of ice formed when two ice sheets expand and collide across the frozen lake. It said the male god of the upper Shrine (Kamisha) crosses the lake to visit the female god of the lower Shrine (Shimosuwa) on the opposite shore. This is said to be an omen of the Awakening. (JIS)


  • Because of the Shiawase Decision, Japanese corporations abroad begin to militarize. (JIS)
  • Japanese police crackdown on terrorists, radicals, and enviromentalists. (JIS)
  • First trial of prince lawsuit. The Okutukinomiya's noble bearing in court attracts the support of many people. The charge is violation of the Japanese Constitution, so a Constitutional Reform movement is formed. There are many proposed reforms, but few have democratic goals. (JIS)


  • Constitution Reform bill is fixed by well-informed persons who were invited by the Ministry of Justice. (JIS)
  • Second trial of prince lawsuit. The Okutukinomiya side appears to be near victory. (JIS)


  • The plebiscite bill for Constitution Reform passes. The Diet schedules the plebiscite for 2004. It is delayed until 2005. (JIS)
  • The verdict in the prince lawsuit arrives. Contrary to expectations, Crown Prince Takehito is found guilty. The Okutukinomiya side appeals. Days after the judgement, the presiding judge is murdered at his home. The judge's murderers are never found. (JIS)

The Big SwitchEdytuj


  • Emperor Irohito retires at the age of 70, 30-year old Crown Prince Takehito assumes the title of Emperor. With the succession of Emperor Takehito, the Sakae era ends and the Hikari era begins. (JIS)
  • The plebiscite for Constitution Reform and Consent to the New Constitution. The result passes, but by a hair. (JIS)
  • The Second Korean War breaks out. Japan supports the South Korean invasion of North Korea.


  • North Korea launches nuclear missiles at Japan in an effort to force Japan to withdraw support for South Korea. All missiles fail to detonate and miss their intended targets. South Korea overruns North Korea, ending the war.
  • The Imperial Declaration (2006年の帝国宣言, nisenroku nen no teikoku sengen), also known as the Big Switch. The Diet, controlled by the Party of the Divine Heritage, casts off the post-war constitution, allowing the nation to remilitarize and restore the Emperor's role in the modern government. The nation of Japan is officially renamed the Japanese Imperial State.
  • Solar energy satellites are successfully launched.
  • The construction of Luzon nuclear energy plant is completed by Shiawase Atomic.
  • Japanese corporations with heavy investments in the Philippines are granted military and police equipment.


  • JIS forces reorganize from a self-defense force to an overseas-capable offensive army.
  • Large scale logging and deforestation by the corporations devastate the ecosystem of the Philippines.


  • United States forces complete their withdrawal from Japan and Okinawa. The Imperial Armed Forces take over many former U.S. bases.
  • VITAS outbreak hits Japan. The delayed reaction of the Ministry of Health and Welfare causes a great many people to die. (JIS)

The Sixth WorldEdytuj


  • As hazards increase, the JIS begins to advise Japanese corporations in self-defense. The JIS also allows corporate military actions in other countries. From this date, Japanese corporations are permitted to conduct piracy actions as long as their actions strengthen JIS power. Kakyo (overseas Chinese) dub these privateers Wako (Japanese pirates). (JIS)
  • Hibok-Hibok, Taal, Mayon and Mount Pinatubo erupted. Tons of volcanic ash, earthquakes, and tsunami deal a deadly blow to the Philippines. The JIS dispatch a contingent as "aid".
  • December 24, the great dragon Ryumyo is observed passing above the Shinkansen(bullet train).
  • December 27, an epicentral earthquake strikes Tokyo. The subway network is knocked out of commission. The seismic center is recorded to be under the Imperial Palace! (JIS)
  • Ministry of Health and Welfare isolate spike births and classify them as sufferers of a strange disease.


  • Despite efforts to contain the spread, VITAS prevails inside quake-damaged Tokyo. The government and the Mikado are moved to Kyoto. (JIS)
  • The Committee of Contact of Measures to the Earthquake Disaster of Capital, a non-profit organization, is established by bureaucrats of Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of International Trade and Industry that remain in Tokyo. (JIS)
  • Irritated with the hasty restoration of Tokyo, the Federation of Economic Organizations establishes the Imperial Capital Salvation Committee (I.C.S.C.), organized mainly by the megacorporations. With plenty of resources, they take control of the Committee of Contact of Measures to the Earthquake Disaster of Capital and follow through with the restoration plan of Tokyo. All ICSC expenses are charged to the government. (JIS)
  • Strange thick growth of trees is seen on the Imperial Palace grounds. It is soon renamed the Imperial Central Park and all civilian access is restricted. (JIS)
  • The JIS government grants extraterritoriality to Japanese corporations inside the JIS homeland and in the surrounding territories. (JIS)
  • The Dango (secret agreement of 2012) is formulated by the Privy Council, spelling out the division of Phillipine economic interests. (JIS)
  • The Party of Divine Heritage, which is influential in the national assembly of the Philippine Republic, approves of the stationing of JIS force.


  • The ICSC exhausts its resources. The ICSC issues a statement, "as long as the government does not liquidate the debt from us, the ICSC cannot continue the reconstruction of Tokyo." The JIS government in Kyoto responds, "in compensation for our debt, we entrust ICSC with parts of police and administration power, parts of communication and commerce permission authority in Tokyo". Negotiations regarding the debt and additional resources go smoothly. (JIS)
  • Two JIS Army divisions are stationed on the Kanto plains that surround Tokyo. They are called Kanto corps. (JIS)


  • The Great Ghost Dance occurs.
  • The leaders of Ainu activist groups, the governor of Hokkaido prefecture, and JIS goverment officials meet in what appear to be peaceful closed-door sessions. It is said they talked about magical power. (JIS)
  • Okinawan Riots of 2017 (2017年のオキナワ暴動, 2017 nen no okinawa boudou). Protests erupt into calls for independence following the Diet's restriction of the residential planning of land formerly leased by the American military. Upon hearing the Okinawa desire for stronger civil rights and self-government, JIS replies with the club and the riot shield.


  • JIS goverment send elves and dwarves to Hokkaido prefecture for "rest". (JIS)
  • Hokkaido becomes an area with strong rights of self-government. After this year, it is called the Hokkaido Republic and is governed by Ainu and Japanese leaders, but trade and export of goods and immigration remain unchanged from the other JIS prefectures. Later that year, a sudden population movement occurs, with some people leaving Hokkaido and others emigrating to Hokkaido. (JIS)
  • The New Dango (the secret agreement of 2018) is made. Corporate representatives persuade other Privy Council members and the Mikado to annex the Philippine Islands because it would bring more power to the JIS. Ryumyo supports the plan in exchange for a controlling interest in Yakuza activities.


  • Within the JIS, the modernized Yamato ideal is formed. (JIS)


  • The Onmyou and Conjuring department is established in Kyoto Imperial University. (JIS)

The Philippines OccupationEdytuj


  • Mass worldwide 'goblinization' as orcs and trolls appear. The inital opinion of JIS medical officials is that it is a genetic disease, related to UGE. Orcs and trolls are isolated for their own protection, but many are killed by mob violence or commit suicide.
  • Following the riots over goblinization that wrack the Philippines, the Trans-Empire Businessman's Association lobby the Emperor and the JIS government for emergency support. On April 28, 2021, the Japanese Imperial Marines land six divisions in the Philippine Islands.
  • Emperor Takehito dies suddenly and is replaced by 16 year old Kenichi. Rumors abound that Takehito was stricken with goblinization, although there are no signs when his body is displayed. At the passing of the Emperor, the Hikari era ends and the Reimu era begins. (JIS)
  • In the confusion of the 'goblinization' epidemic, the invasion of the Philippines, and the death of the Emperor, a coalition of Ainu and anti-Imperial citizen groups stage an armed uprising against the JIS-backed Hokkaido Republic government, because of JIS interference in local affairs. They fight a guerrilla war against Hokkaido Republic forces that are supported by the JIS. (Donan War. 2021-2022) (JIS)


  • Public opinions run rampant which say orcs and trolls have to commit suicide. Attacks against orcs and trolls range from stone throwing to poison gas terrorism. The JIS goverment calls for the Hokkaido Republic to accept them, but no agreement is reached. (JIS)
  • 18 months after the JIS Marine landing, the JIS announces that the Philippine Islands are an Imperial prefecture. The official government of the Republika ng Pilipinas is disbanded.
  • JIS security forces herd Filipino metahumans and isolate them in a single area. Many of them are sent to an active volcanic island, Lagu-Lagu. Because of the almost uninhabitable environment, this island is nicknamed "Yomi".
  • The Donan War draws to a standstill. The uprising groups, the Hokkaido Republic, and the JIS negotiate a treaty. As a result, the Hokkaido Republic becomes a complete and independent nation. Its official name is the Ainu-Moshiri Republic. (Ainu-Moshiri means "Land of Ainu") (JIS)


  • The JIS begins classifying metahumans with the same status as illegal resident foreigners and ceases all protection efforts. The JIS sends them to live in restricted areas. (JIS)


  • Magical department is established at Tokyo Imperial University. (JIS)


  • Bloody struggle reported between metahuman gangs and right wing radicals. (JIS)
  • JIS bans possession of firearms by private individuals in its overseas territories. Carrying melee weapons more than 7 centimeters long are also prohibited. These laws are especially enforced in the Philippines Islands, where traditional martial arts are practiced openly.


  • JIS "advisor" Fukatsu Saru is appointed governor of the Imperial Prefecture of the Philippine Islands after Abeleda steps down.


  • Okinawa Riot of 2028 (2028年のオキナワ暴動, 2028 nen no okinawa boudou). The newly formed Okinawa Liberation Alliance challenges JIS rule with a series of magical terrorist attacks and faces off against JIS anti-terrorist squads. (JIS)


  • Crash of 2029'
  • The true state of non-efficient systems works fortunately to avoid critical damage, but "Karoshi" increases for some time. (JIS)
  • The rebellion of Philippine fails. As a result, the JIS tightens its control of the Philippine Islands.


  • Snow-Star wins the right to fish on the Sea of Okhotsk. (JIS}


  • Euro-wars begin.
  • The Karafuto War (Karafuto (樺太) is the Japanese name of Sakhalin island). With a slogan of support from an nationalist movement along the Okhotsk shore, the Hokkaido Republic dispatches its forces to reclaim Karafuto (Sakhalin), Kunashiri (Kunashir), Etorofu (Iturup), Shikotan, and Habomai islands for the indigenous Ainu peoples. (JIS)


  • Healthcare providers are reorganized. No one can receive public health service who does not belong to a healthcare provider. With this legislation, a healthcare provider ID similar to the SIN appears in the JIS. (JIS)



  • Following the aftermath of the Tokyo Corporate War, the Imperial family and the JIS government transfer the capital to Kyoto. (SNE)

The California Free StateEdytuj




  • Night of Rage. Arson, bombings, and poison gas attacks are directed toward metahumans in the JIS. In extreme cases, the police open fire on metahumans and arrest them for rioting, although the official police press releases state that the police units were dispatched for their protection. Some metahumans flee and hide in abandoned subway networks or in the isolated heart of the mountains, empty because of rural depopulation.


  • Karafuto War ends. Russia and the Hokkaido Republic negotiate to divide Sakhalin in half and the Hokkaido Republic is granted the southern half of the island. (JIS)
  • 2040 Battle of Chiba. Renraku uses chemical weapons against the security forces of Shinmyoin New Chemical. (SNE)


  • Corporate wars occur on a world-wide scale. The JIS holds summits for intercorporate negotiations, but they have no effect. No further armed conflicts occur inside the JIS, but incidents of corruption and bribery increase. (JIS)


  • The baseball game of Yomiuri-Giants and L.A.Dodgers.


  • Tokyo wins the bid for the Olympics in 2056. JIS annoucnes that, in keeping with the Yamato ideal, metahumans will not be permitted to compete with human athletes in the 2056 Tokyo Olympics. However, they can compete in non-medal "exhibition" games. Tir Tairngire and Tir na nOg respond furiously with United Nations resolutions.
  • In Chiba, the Chiba Virtual Stock Exchange crashes in the middle of trading. This prevents the Yamana takeover attempt from succeeding. (JIS)


  • A group of unarmed metahumans are fired upon by JIS soldiers, killing seven. The JIS government announces that two of the soldiers will not be prosecuted. A riot breaks out in response and troops are sent out to disperse the rioters. Official reports declare that 38 people are injured, with no fatalities. (JIS)
  • In the JIS, an gengineering lab owned by Aztechnology explodes. Rumors persist that Aztechnology blew up its own lab to keep it from being taken over by Mitsuhama Computer Technologies. (JIS)


  • In Yokohama, several unexplained fires break out at 9 industrial sites, with 6 of the destroyed complexes being owned, or owned through a subsidiary, of Ares Macrotechnology. Witnesses report seeing a dragon flying in the area several minutes prior to the fire. (JIS)


  • Tokyo Olympics. Metahumans are barred from competing in medal events, and segregated to exhibition games.

The Year Of The CometEdytuj


  • Earthquakes strike Yokohama and Nagoya. Tsunami from undersea earthquakes strike the northern coast.
  • Unzen Volcano erupts on Shimabara Peninsula, throwing ash and magma and killing tens of thousands, including most of the Imperial family. The only remaining survivor of the Imperial family is Yasuhito.
  • The JIS withdraws forces back to the homeland to assist in disaster and rebuilding efforts. Colonel Keiji Saito disobeys orders and coups the Imperial government in California, forming the California Protectorate.


  • Yasuhito ascends the throne as the new Emperor, ending the Reimu era. It is also revealed to the public that Emperor Kenichi was killed in the Unzen Volcano blast. Emperor Yasuhito has, to this point, survived nine assassination attempts.
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