20-536: Tir Tairngire SWAT Team[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Price: unknown
Figures: 4
Parts: 4
Overview: These figures are based on an illustration Kliknij on page 105 of the Tir Tairngire sourcebook, showing a SWAT team entering a building through the windows. The figures do justice to the original artwork, faithfully representing the equipment carried and worn by the team in the illustration, though in different poses. Of the four figures, three are male and one is female, with one of the males being a magician with a staff (again, exactly as in the artwork). All are wearing full body armor with helmets/gas masks, so there is no flesh showing at all. Their weapons are not "Shadowrun-standard," not to mention a bit strangely proportioned. The SWAT team members themselves also do not comform too rigidly to human anatomy, though this could be blamed on the armor they are wearing, to a degree. Still, it's a handy set of figures if you're in need of a SWAT team.

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