To Kill A Dead Man (adventure, Stephan Wieck)

White Wolf Magazine #18 s.4 (December/January 1989/90)

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To Kill A Dead Man

Source: White Wolf Magazine issue 18, December 1989/January 1990
Author: Stephan Wieck
Page: 4
Edition: First
Plot: In this short adventure, the PCs are hired by Mr. Gizetti, a ghoul (which the PCs don't know), to dispose of a body that's currently awaiting autopsy. Gizetti killed him and wants the body to disappear before an autopsy can implicate him. The dead man was a member of the Yakuza, however, and his sister wants revenge by killing Gizetti; mistaking one of the PCs for Gizetti, she tries to kill him instead. What it all comes down to is a relatively simple run against a morgue. At the end, the players may discover Gizetti is a ghoul, and the adventure takes into account that they'll fight him to collect the city's bounty on ghouls.
Thoughts: This is a simple adventure that can be played quickly, even by inexperienced players. It would probably be a good starting adventure to show new players the Shadowrun game system.

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