Ral ParthaEdytuj

20-512 (new): Toxic Spirits Edytuj

Waga: 45g
Price: $8.25
Figures: 2
Parts: 5
Publish Date: 1991
Overview: A blister pack with two toxic spirits in it, one big and one small. The latter is based on a color plate in Tír na nÓg, so this can be used as a painting guide for the figure. It's a wicked-looking humanoid melding into the garbage — old tires, TVs, chains, cables, pipes, etc. — surrounding him. The other, BIG spirit (yes, this one is pretty huge) is also based on an illustration, this time from page 64 of The Grimoire (second edition) and represents some kind of toxic forest spirit growing out of a pair of trees, with one, big eye and four arms. It needs some assembly, in that the figure consists of a body (with legs attached) to which the top of the head with "horns" (for want of a better word) and two sets of arms need to be attached. The head goes on easily enough, but I suggest pinning the arms to prevent them coming loose when handling the figure: drill a hole in the end of the arm and the shoulder socket, and insert a piece of metal wire to hold the parts together. Both figures are very well-made and sculpted, faithful to the original illustrations and likely to make players sit up and take notice when they're used in a game...

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