20-519: Tribals Edytuj

Price: $6.50
Figures: 4
Parts: 4
Waga: 40g
Overview: Since the Native American Nations are an important factor in Shadowrun, some figures for native Americans are quite helpful. These are well-detailed, but unfortunately rather stereotypical (in the same way that all magicians have staffs). They look like you'd expect Indians to look based on Hollywood movies, but with some 21st century items added—mainly weapons. According to another review of these figures I read, by someone who appeared to know something about native Americans, their dress is from the plains Indians of the American mid-west. That would make them strange ducks in a Seattle pond, I guess.
Anyway, the four figures are all human (metahuman tribals are in set 20-522), one female wearing a fringed jacket over some kind of top and semi-skirt-type-thing, and holding a CMDT combat shotgun in one hand. Of the males, one is a shaman type holding a spear with feathers; this and the big knife in his belt are his only weapons. The second male is a warrior with a tomahawk in one hand and an HK227 in the other, while the last figure holds a bow in his left hand and an SCK 100 SMG in the right. The poses are mostly okay, although I think the woman is holding the shotgun with too much ease, and the bowman's pose just doesn't work. On the other hand the shaman's pose looks very good, somewhat reflective, like he's standing on a hilltop overlooking the land below.


  • Sculptor: Dennis Mize
  • Scale: 25/28mm
  • Material: White metal alloy (contains lead)

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