Podstawowe typy RunnerówEdytuj

(patrz też "Archetypy = kim gramy?")

Adept Edytuj

Adepts, the modern day ninjas and berserkers, use magic to enhance the body's abilities. Adepts tend to be athletically oriented with good stealth and combat skills.

Decker Edytuj

are skilled at computer programming and maneuvering through the datastreams of the virtual-reality telecommunications grid known as the Matrix. They use special, custom-built computers known as cyberdecks that allow them to project their minds directly into the Matrix complex, three-dimensional reality. By illegally logging on to the Matrix, deckers can run search routines, tap phone calls, and break into system hosts to retrieve data. They use a variety of programs to accomplish such operations, as well as attack and defense programs should they engage in cybercombat with another decker or an Intrusion Countermeasures (IC) construct.

Mages Edytuj

are one type of magician character, known for using thaumaturgical abilities in a scientific manner. To mages, magic is about knowledge and structure. Mages cast spells, perceive and project astrally, and conjure elemental spirits.

Rigger Edytuj

Riggers have a piece of cyberwear known as a vehicle control rig (VCR) installed in their bodies. The VCR helps them to interface directly with suitably adapted vehicles, seeing through the vehicle's sensors and controlling it as they control their own bodies. Riggers can use a remote-control deck to do this from a remote location, and may control several vehicles or drones at once in this manner. Many riggers specialize in drones, remote-control vehicles of various sizes and capabilities used for surveillance and combat. Certain riggers, called security riggers, use their cyberwear and skills to jack directly into a building's security system; these characters become living monitors that can react instantly to intruders.

Szaman Edytuj

Shamans are magicians who follow a totem spirit animal, such as Coyote or Bear, and embody that totem's characteristics. To shamans, magic is attunement with the forces of nature. Like mages, they can cast spells and astrally project and perceive. They can also conjure nature spirits and Spirits of Man.

Uliczny Samuraj Edytuj

Street samurai are physically enhanced combat monsters. With cyberwear implants and combat skills, they attempt to be the quickest, meanest, and strongest killing machines on the streets. Many of them cybernetically boost their reflexes to get an edge, or boost their strength so they can inflict more damage. Many are also lethal with firearms, and almost all have a smartlink cyberwear system installed. for increased precision in shooting. Some fight for honor, some because they get paid (usually called mercenaries), and others just because they are insane enough to go up against anything.

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