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Monodon novalis Edytuj

The Unicorn Fish is the Awakened form of the narwhal (Monodon monoceros), and as such, is a sea-dwelling mammal rather than an actual fish. It grows to lengths of 3.7 o 4.6 meters, and much like the narwhal, possesses a long spiraling horn that can grow up to 2.0 meters in length.

Unicorn fish are carnivorous hunters, usually impaling their prey with a high-speed lunge of their horn. They are highly aggressive solitary mammals, although they have been known to hunt in small “pods” to attack creatures much larger than their size. Unicorn fish are frequently known to attack surface vessels, causing grave damage to both the ship and the whale.

The horn of the unicorn fish is highly valued as telesma, although the horn itself does not have any inherent magical properties. Some specimens have been known to be immune to magical spells and enchantments. There are many laws that protect cetaceans across the world, and thus the hunting of the unicorn fish is considered illegal. However, with the aggressiveness of the unicorn fish against metahuman ships, these laws are coming under active fire by corporations trying to protect their seaborne interests.

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