In theory, the United Corporation Council is only an association of corporate officials and government personnel who meet informally to promote better labor relations and to air grievances by either side. Ostatnie dwie dekady pokazały, że UCC to coś więcej niż klub dla oficjeli.

The United Corporation Council was officially formed in 2030, one year after the great Computer Crash, in which a virus attacked the world's computer network. By the time the virus was finally eradicated by the gallant efforts of the Echo Mirage deckers, the global economy was in crisis.

It was when the virus first started wiping out datafiles that fear and confusion took over. Major corporations staed blaming each other, charging industrial sabotage, in one case, executives from the Seattle office of Campana & Carrindum Technical Industries publicly accused its chief competitor, Aztechnology, of perpetrating the attack. They ordered their own security forces to "take out" Aztechnology, beginning a wave of private wars between corporations.

It was in this chaotic atmosphere that 16 business executives decided to form the United Corporation Council. Its first priority was to unite the business community and establish lines of communication to avoud further conflicts. The first few years of the UCC's existence were spent establishing a network of hotlines between corporations and the scheduling of regular meetings between their major executives.

Though the mebers of the UCC were economic competitors, they all had a common interest in keeping the government from too much meddling or regulation of their activites. Soon, the UCC was sending its legal representatives to the city's cabinet and congressional meetings.

As more corporations saw it was in their self-interest to join the UCC, the organization began to branch out by funding the campaigns of politicians friendly to business.

The large influx of new members into the UCC necessitated the creation of a Central Planning Committe made up of the original 16 business leaders. William Vogel, the CEO of Federated Boeing, was elected the committee's first chairman, a post he still fills. The UCC Planning Committe is also known as "the Inner Circle."

It was the Night of Rage in 2039 that revealed the power now wielded by the UCC. Their outrage (whether on moral grounds of because of busines principles is anybody's guess) at the arrests and apparent murder of countless Metahumans was strong and swift. By threatening a business lock-out, they forced the hand of Governor Allenson. Overnight, the UCC showed that it had enough power and influence to be a kind of de facto government in Seattle.

The UCC has never again publicly flaunted its power since that time. It prefers to work in the shadows, secretly backing pro-business candidates (including Governor Marilyn Schultz's last two reelection campaigns) as well as representing Seattle's business interests in the halls of the metroplex government.

Since the birth and the use of the United CorporationCouncil, other similar groups have formed. These include the Tampa Bay Commerce Commission, the London Business Club and the Moscow Corporate Collective. This raises the important question of whether the corporations of the world are secretly building a global organization through which they hope to influence, if not control entirely, the planet's governments?

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