Seattle Division: UniOil Research and Development,

Big business means big money, and future success for the United Oil conglomerate depends, in large part, on new products that are developed here. Accordingly, security is a high priority. The laboratory is nothing short of an armed compound, with fences, sensor boxes, and over 100 security troopers employed to discourage unauthorized infiltration. The laboratory is actually a cluster of unassuming buildings built within sight of the White River.

A cluster of unassuming buildings in sight of the White River, the UniOil compound is an armed camp, surrounded by a high fence topped with monowire, sensor boxes all around the perimeter and no fewer than one hundred security guards on site. All this security is for the express purpose of protecting the conglomerate’s sensitive research and development projects on new fuels and applications for petrochemicals, including polymers and plastics.

>>>>>[UniOil security isn’t as tough as it used to be. A few years back, UniOil’s chief of security was a dragon (yes, a dragon) named Haesslich. Gave them a pretty fearsome rep until the dragon up and disappeared one day. The company passed it off as Haesslich crawling back into his cave or something, but I hear that UniOil hauled Haesslich out of the Sound after a late-night encounter with a rocket launcher or some other large ordnance. The story goes that the corp hauled something big out of the water, loaded it onto a covered flatbed and took it back to the research compound. Haesslich hasn’t made any public appearances recently, so I’d guess it was the dragon’s corpse—but you can never be sure that something’s dead until you see the body, and even that’s no guarantee in this day and age.]<<<<<

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