Vice President of Fuchi Industrial Electronics, NW Operations and Senior Vice President in Charge of Fuchi Industrial Electronics Seattle Operations. Człowiek

Darren Villiers is one of the members of the powerful Villiers family, and an executive at Fuchi, then Novatech, then later NeoNET, all under his older brother Richard Villiers. At Fuchi, he was the Senior Vice President of Seattle operations. He is a dwarf and a physical adept (Grade 3 Initiate) with a knack for burglary and stealth, and often worked "hands on" as an operative. Loyal to the Villiers family, he was often used as a covert agent by the Villiers for operations that required detailed knowledge of Fuchi's corporate strategy. After the fall of Fuchi in 2059 to 2060, he became Novatech's Seattle director of "special assets" (often shadowrunners). He owns 1% of Novatech's stock.

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