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Samantha Villiers is the ex-wife of Richard Villiers and was vice president of Fuchi Northwest and subsequently Novatech Northwest. Though they divorced in late 2049, Samantha Villiers remains a loyal and cunning ally of Richard Villiers and often played a key role in the success of her ex-husband's corporate ventures. She is described as an attractive lady with a razor-sharp wit and one of Seattle's most eligable singles. She is also described as a ruthless shark who is every bit of an equal with such personalities as Damien Knight and her ex-husband.

She married Richard Villiers in 2033, after dating him for three months and a two month engagement. Together with Richard, she had one daughter, Caroline Tara Villiers, also in 2033. The daughter nearly killed Samantha Villiers in 2053 while under magical and simsense/BTL influence by Der Nachtmachen, a German policlub.

In January 2060, she sold her controlling interest of 2 percent of Fuchi stock to Korin Yamana, in return for a one-yar truce between Fuchi and Novatech. She currently owns 7 percent of Novatech stock.

It is speculated in System Failure that she may contact Trans-Latvian Enterprises to sell her stock in exchange for capital to buy out Renraku, but it is unknown what came of this deal.