Źródło: Gurth

20-530: Wasp Queen/Human Host Edytuj

Price: unknown
Figures: 2
Parts: 3
Publish Date: 1991
Overview: Insect spirits are always nice to have, because they're difficult to represent with figures from other (non-Shadowrun) lines. However, this set is disappointing. It contains a wasp "queen" that looks too small for a queen, and not very much like a wasp, especially because it has only two pairs of limbs... It's probably best to see this as some kind of near-perfect flesh form spirit rather than as a queen, in my opinion. Much the same goes for the "human host"—at first sight it's a terrified woman wearing something resembling an evening dress, but on closer inspection, the whole right-hand side of her body is insect-like, so she's definitely a flesh form, not an innocent human. There is some assembly needed for this set, namely gluing one of the wasp spirit's arms to its body. It's obviously intended that this lines up with the "human host" so that the wasp is grabbing her (it?) by the arms or shoulders.

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