Położenie: Fourth Avenue and Pike Street, Downtown
LTG#: 206 (52-3564)
Menadżer: Billy Feathers
Uprzedzenia: Brak

The 1930s decor of this hotel seems more like something you would see in a detective trid than in modern-day Seattle but the service is good. This was the first inn in the Wylie's Gala chain.

>>>>>[Rumors say the Mafia owns this chain and uses it to store anything from stolen goods to kidnap victims.]<<<<<

  • Middle Class Hotel Archetype (20 floors)
  • Fourth Avenue and Pike Street
  • Billy Feathers, Manager

The 1930s decor of this hotel seems better-suited to a detective trldeo than to modern-day Seattle. Service is good, if a little slow. This was the first hotel of the small Wylie's Gala Inn chain.

>>[Ihe Mafia owns this chain and sometimes uses these hotels for hiding its kidnap victims.]<<
-Connie Connoisseur (23:15:54/10-25-50)

>>[No doubt Connie is soon to be among them.]<<
-Anonymous (05:42:12/10-26-50)

>>[Wylie's hotels are also used to stash hot loot. According to one downtown hotel worker, there is a vault in the basement of the building. Trucks enter the alley behind the hotel and either load or unload items from the vault. My source says that the vault is usually filled with computer and electronics items.]<<
-SPD (17:15:41/10-27-50)

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