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Lagu-Lagu lub Yomi Island is an volcanic island that was formed sometime before 2020. It was transformed into a cluster of penal colonies and concentration camps by the Japanese Imperial State to house metahumans and enemies of the state. The order was made by Emperor Kenichi, Security Advisor Yasunaga, and Saito Mariko of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry to consign all metahumans to this island, millions of people at the time (cp.64). The Yomi Island Decree, established in 2027, indicated that all Japanese metahumans are to be shipped to Yomi Island for indefinite detainment. The deported metahumans were damned to a life in poverty, starvation, and squalor simply for existing.

In addition to the JIS-run concentration camp, sections of the island were leased out to Japanese megacorporations for their own containment purposes. The largest and most infamous of these corporate prisons is Shiawase's 50,000-inmate prison "Meifumado", housing people who had crossed the corporation from around the world.

In 2062, the Emperor of Japan rescinded the Yomi Island Decree, and the Huk liberated the island to begin their revolution in the Philippines, freeing thousands of metahumans. The Huk resistance established their base on Yomi Island, both as a practical and a symbolic gesture.


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