Zone of Twilight Edytuj

Source: Shadowland Volume #6, April 1997
Author: Chris Hussey
Page: 39
Edition: any
Plot: While on the road, the PCs stop for the night in a town in the middle of nowhere. The next morning, their car won't start so they're stuck for a while. Then somebody is murdered, and the sheriff assumes the runners did it (them being strangers and all). Then someone else is murdered as well while the runners are nearby, making them look even more suspicious. Actually, a wraith is active in the area and is behind the murders, something the runners will have to figure out to prove their innocence.
Thoughts: This can work both as an adventure by itself (in which case all you need to do is give the PCs an excuse to be on the road) or in the middle of a bigger adventure, as a diversion. The wraith is by no means an easy opponent (it shouldn't be, anyway) so this adventure can be tough.

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