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  • January 8: The International Brotherhood of Teamsters rejects the New York City government's final contract offer and ratifies strike action. [1]
  • February 2: The Canadian government pushes the Dene tribe off their land (ignoring their pending claim) to use it for further business development. [1]
  • April 12: A mob attacks a Seretech medical research truck in NYC, the ensuing riot killing 20 employees and 200 civilians. [1]
  • May 6: State and federal governments sue Seretech for criminal negligence over the NYC riots. [1]
  • September: Members of the Canadian Mohawk tribe block off raods leading to their reservations around Oka, Kahnawake, and Kanesatake in Quebec and declare themselves the Sovereign Mohawk Nation.[2]
  • October 3: After a four-week stand-off and several failed assaults, the Canadian military wiped out the Sovereign Mohawk Nation. Surviving members of the Mohawk tribe were moved from other reservations to a "Protection Center' near Swift Current, Saskatchewan. In an unprecedented and unexpected move, the US Government relocated American Mohawks to the Canadian internment camp as well.[2]
  • October 26: (United States vs. Seretech Corporation) The Supreme Court of the United States finds that corporations have the right to maintain a private army. [1]
  • November 6: Australia's first referendum regarding whether to become a republic fails; it remains a monarchy. [3]