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  • New tech enables production of optical chips that are not affected by EMP.
  • January 21: The United States government appropriates millions of acres of Native American reservations and turns them over to corporations to exploit for resources. The Resource Rush begins.[1][2]
  • April 5: In response to continued theft and destruction of First Nations ancestral homelands, the Sovereign American Indian Movement is founded in Denver.[3]
  • June 14: Nicholas Aurelius consolidates his business assets into Ares Industries. The corporation quickly gains extraterritorial status.[4][5]
  • June-July: Landfills in the former East Germany begin leaking toxins into the groundwater, leading the German government to declare evacuation orders. A few weeks later, the Baltic and North Sea ecologies finally collapse under the severe pollution.[6][7]
  • September 23: The Bündnis 2000 party sweeps to power in Germany’s federal elections on an ecological platform.[8]


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