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  • April 26: United States President Martin Hunt is revealed to have been paying Mexican President Miguel Ávila to allow American corporations to exploit Mexican resources.[1][2]
  • June: An accident during the shutdown of the Biblis nuclear power plant in Germany releases radioactive gas into the air. The investigation into the incident reveals that the reactor core came dangerously close to meltdown.[3]
  • The Dungeness nuclear reactor in Kent, England, United Kingdom, suffers a partial meltdown, releasing fallout over New Romney and Camber Sands, eventually killing over six thousand people.[4]
  • September 10: The 10 Minute War. Libya attacks Israel with chemical weapons and then ceases to exist as a state after Israel counterattacks with nuclear weapons. Millions are dead or displaced.[5][6]
  • November 2: Phillip Bester is elected President of the United States of America.[7]


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