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  • More governments collapse this year: Libya ceases to exist when UN forces leave and Egypt annexes the territory; Cuba falls after Fidel Castro steps down due to failing health; The South African government dissolves; disasters force the dissolution of the Indonesian government.[1]
  • March 15: The German Catholic Church splits from the Vatican.[1]Germany Sourcebook dates it as following the Bishop's Conference in April.[2]
  • April 15: The Great Dragon Masaru awakens in the Philippines during a lunar eclipse.[1]
  • June 10: Daniel Coleman, now calling himself Daniel Howling Coyote, returns to the public eye and announces the formation of the Native American Nations. He demands that everyone of European, African, or Asian descent leave North America immediately.[1]
  • June 23: Following magically enhanced terrorist activity, the governments of the United Kingdom and Éire sign the Treaty of Galway, establishing the United Free Republic of Ireland. [1]
  • July 12: The Redondo volcano erupts, burying Los Alamos and the Los Alamos National Laboratory under volcanic ash. Daniel Howling Coyote claims responsibility for calling upon Mother Earth to cause the disaster. Federal troops are sent to apprehend Howling Coyote, but tornadoes delay their arrival until Howling Coyote has left the area. The Ghost Dance War begins.[1]
  • August 22: The military council that had ruled Germany since 2008 steps down and returns the country to democracy.[2]


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