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  • Ares launches the Apollo space program.
  • Inuvik becomes capital of Trans-polar Aleut Nation.
  • April 10 Japan launches a series of solar-power-collecting satellites that beam power to Earth via microwaves. [1]
  • May 12 Boeing's High Speed Civil Transport completes a successful test flight.[1]
  • July 12 Aden destroys Tehran, Iran, in response to the Ayatollah's declaration of jihad against metahuman races.[1]
  • July 27 The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) announces birth of formerly extinct Tasmanian tiger cloned from frozen dna samples. [1]
  • October 17 Texas Instruments Corporation wins patent violantion lawsuit against Miroyama Electric and gains all of it's assets. Every Miroyama executive commits seppuku.[1]
  • November: William Jarman is reelected President of the United States.
  • November 17 North Korea launches a nuclear attack on Japan, but the warheads fail to detonate.[1]



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  • April 30: Without warning, ten percent of the world's population suddenly mutates. The process then occurs in in utero children. The media calls this transformation "Goblinization."[1]
    • The government of the United Kingdom announces the death of King George VII, who is rumored to have been killed after Goblinizing.
    • The government of Quebec extends full rights to all Goblinized francophone citizens.
    • The government of the Czech Republic offers its full assistance to all Goblinized citizens.
  • May 4: President Joaquim Delmonte of the Dominican Republic announces that his country will accept any Goblinized immigrants after he transforms into an ork.[1]
  • May 14: Swiss officials declare Goblinization the result of an unidentified disease and order the quarantine of all affected.[1]
  • May 25: In response to the German government rounding up orks and trolls, the Mutant Rights Congress is founded in Cologne and its members threaten civil unrest.[1]
  • May 28: The Japanese Imperial State annexes Yomi Island, Philippines and deports its metahuman population there.[1]
  • June 9: Seattle governor Lindstrom orders the Metroplex Guard to round up the Goblinized and place them in the camps that once held Native Americans.[1]
  • August 3: Time Magazine publishes an article written by McBean describing the effect that Goblinization had on his childhood friend. McBean later expands the content of the article into a novel titled Looking for Gonzo, following the experiences of Jerry "Gonzo" Petersen after becoming a troll.[2]
  • August 23: Texas governor Melissa Santiago-Ortega strong-arms the Welfare Board into giving funds to provide adequate shelter and sanitary facilities for the state's metahuman detention centers.[1]


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  • January 30: Switzerland passes the Metahuman Segregation Law (MSL), stripping metahumans of their civil rights and citizenship.[1]
  • Spring: Race riots occur around the world.[1]
  • Los Angeles is rocked by gang warfare, eventually suppressed by National Guardsmen. The city's worst slums are walled off, soon renamed "El Infierno" by local residents.[2]
  • March 25: An assassin with ties to anti-metahuman groups kills Dunkelzahn's interpreter John Timmons in the Great Dragon's presence. Dunkelzahn immediately obliterates the assassin.[1][3]
  • April 18: Opposed to the MSL, several Swiss-French cantons secede from Switzerland to form the Confederatión Suisse Francophone.[1]
  • April 26: Construction begins on the Aztechnology Pyramid in Seattle.[1]
  • May 5: The ORO Corporation renames itself Aztechnology as part of a massive image rebranding that coincides the adoption of Aztec symbolism and culture within Aztlan.[1]
  • August 12: Seattle Governor Lindstrom finally orders all metahumans to be released from quarantine.[1]
  • August 18: The Great Dragon Schwartzkopf begins lecturing at the University of Prague after the school adds arcane studies to its curriculum.[1]
  • August 19: The Johns Hopkins Institute of Health is revealed to have been performing unethical experiments on metahumans. The US government pulls federal funding from the institute, which continues as an independent for-profit corporation.[1]
  • September 15: The Federal Communications Commission is disbanded and the Internetwork Transmission Control Council (ITCC) succeeds it as "a self-regulating oversight body for the responsible management of the communications industry." This comes to include the networks that made up the Internet as well as the content. (mat.13)[1]
  • Autumn: VITAS 2 claims another 10 percent of the world population.[1]
  • October: The German federal government relocates from Berlin to Hannover.[4]
  • October 15: Cuba, Jamaica, Grenada, Bermuda, and the Virgin Islands join together to form the Caribbean League.[1]
  • October 24: The Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand form the Australia and New Zealand Allied Confederation (ANZAC).[1]
  • November 19: The electronic news magazine Data coins the term "Awakened."[1]
  • Several German mages form the Doctor Faustus Society to campaign for scientific recognition of hermetic magic.



  • Febuary 6 USA: The Seattle Police Department goes on strike. [1]
  • Febuary 7 USA: Seattle Governor Lindstrom declares the Seattle Police strike illegal. He promptly fires the entire SPD and contracts Lone Star Security Services to replace it.[1]
  • March 31 GERMANY: The German Parliament officially departs the violence-plagued city of Berlin, completing the year-long move of the German capital to Hanover.[1][2]
  • April 8 US: Marlene Weiss offically withdrew from the Council of Denver, taking with her all American citizens in the Free Zone's government. The Council of Denver is rendered temporarily powerless due to the Treaty having no provision for a quorum with less than full attendance. Construction begins on an "autonomous defense zone" around the United States section of Denver. [3]
  • April 29 GERMANY: Riots break out across Berlin as the city descends into anarchy, leaving 14 people dead, more than 2,000 injured, 14,000 arrested, and causing billions of Deutsche Marks in damages.[1][2]
  • May 30 USA: In Los Angeles, California, the Watts district is nearly leveled by a riot which formed when rumors surface that MLK-Drew Medical Center is hording VITAS 2 serum. By the time the fighting ends, the death toll stands at 23 soldiers, 89 police and 619 civilians.[1][4]
  • June 2 ANYI: After seeing its numbers reduced to about fifteen thousand—mostly orks and trolls—by VITAS, the troll King Kouame banishes the remaining humans, dwarfs, and elves to create a troll and ork-only nation.[1]
  • June 21 FRANCE: An unearthly fog, dubbed “the Mist,” covers large rural areas of Brittany The Mist disrupts magic and attracts paranatural animals. Humans and metahumans caught in the Mist experience overwhelming fear and become lost, causing thousands of people go missing, including the entire population of several towns. The Mist will end up covering most of the region for the next five years.[1][5]
  • July 16 USA: Frances Daniels, a PhD in engineering and a fourth dan black belt in ki-akido, demonstrates a new form of magic. Instead of casting spells, he enhances his body’s physical abilities.[1]
  • July 18 USA: Senator Franklin Moss becomes enraged at Senator Victor Sanchez during a debate over metahuman rights. He challenges his opponent, a known sharpshooter, to a duel. His death the following morning is widely televised and later sold on several video formats.[1]
  • August 28 USA: The Metahuman Bill of Rights is passed in Texas; it guarantees voting privileges, equality in housing, medical care, education, and fair employment for all metahumans.[1]
  • September 1 USA: In the Seattle Metroplex, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) creates the Fort Lewis Zoological Gardens to explore Goblinization and paranormal changes in animals.[1]
  • Humanis Policlub is founded.
  • The United States Supreme Court grants equal rights to metahumans.
  • In Fatima, Portugal, during a visit by Pope John XXV, an apparition of the Virgin Mary appears before thousands of witnesses. This event reinforces the Pope's declaration against metahumans and further pushes the Portuguese Catholic community into a conservative mindset. [6]
  • The ICC moves to the Freedom space habitat, renames itself the Corporate Court, and grants itself authority over all extraterritorial corporations.
  • Kenneth Brackhaven goblinizes into an ork. His father Charles has him murdered and brainwashes and surgically alters a SINless orphan into believing he's Kenneth. Officially, Kenneth's goblinization went into remission.[7]
  • Neuro-interface software engineer Moira Thornton invents the synthlink.[8]


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  • Febuary 14 USA: In Texas, Governor Santiago-Ortega presides over the opening of the multi-million dollar Metahuman Resource Center in Dallas.[1]
  • July 12 USA: In Atlanta, Georgia, Georgia Tech completes renovations on the formerly unused Ted Turner stadium. The coliseum is covered with an experimental biotech photosynthesis-capable membrane used to produce food and turn solar radiation into usable power.[1]
  • November 5 USA: The USA presidential election is held across the Internet for the first time, using an experimental electronic voting system. Due to the recently passed 29th Amendment, President Jarman becomes the first three-term president since Franklin D. Roosevelt. The opposition claims fraud in the landslide vote, but they cannot produce any evidence to support their accusation.[1]
  • November 11 SWITZERLAND: The Magic Regulation Bill is passed which limits the use of magic almost exclusively to corporate and government forces.[1]
  • November 14 GLOBAL: Using ASIST technology, the first Simsense entertainment unit (a kind of sensory video player) becomes available on the open market. The high price of the unit limits sales to research institutions, large corporations, and the ultra-wealthy.[1]
  • November 15 SWITZERLAND: After new elections are held the cantons of the CSF rejoin Switzerland, but the cantons of Fribourg, Geneva, Jura, Neuchâtel, and Vaud refuse to accept the MSL under Switzerland’s “Opting-Out Law.” These cantons become safe havens for metahumans in Switzerland.[1]
  • After a prolonged succession dispute, George Edward Richard Windsor-Hanover becomes King George VIII in England.
  • Pope John XXV issues the Imago Dei encyclical: Metahumans have souls and are capable of salvation. Magical abilities are not inherently evil. Spirits are manifestations of nature (gray area).[2]
  • Theobald Sarentin appears, agitating for a separate Elvish state with Germany.
  • The 33rd Olympic Summer Games take place in Munich.[3]


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  • January 20: William Jarman is inaugurated as President of the United States for the third time.[1]
  • March 11 USA: As part of a massive revitalization project, Truman Technologies begins relocating residents of the Chicago’s Southside.[1]
  • March 21 UK: The United Kingdom Constitution Act is passed. It formally defines the roles of British Parliament and Royalty. The Office of the Lord Protector is created for the purpose of administrating internal and national security. [1]
  • March 24 PHILIPPINES: After Japan appoints Fukatsu Saru governor, he rapidly turns the nation into a police state. He orders the censoring all media, except for those from Japan.[1]
  • March 30 HONG KONG: Conflicts between China and the Phillipines cause a flood of refugees from both countries, threatening to overwhelm the city’s infrastructure. This will continue for the next five years. [1]
  • April 1 USA: The National Football League's first cyber-modified player, linebacker Mario Sanchez of the Philadelphia Eagles starts playing. Due to concerns about these new athletes' unfair advantages over unenhanced players, this type of modification will be restricted to those who need reconstruction due to injury.[1]
  • July 10 UK: The New Druidic Movement in the UK gains a foothold in the government when Lord Marchment, one of their leading figures, is appointed Lord Protector of Great Britain.[1]
  • The Conservationist Party wins the general election in Great Britain. Kenneth Redmond becomes the new Prime Minister.
  • British police start routinely arming its officers with firearms.
  • In Ireland, the "Walsh's hookers" scandal end the career of three government ministers, two businessmen and one bishop.
  • New York Jets quarterback Tim Washington, sporting a cyberarm, throws a Super Bowl-winning 99-yard touchdown pass.
  • The Optical Music Networking Interface (OMNI) is invented.
  • Building of the Southside monorail in Chicago, UCAS, begins.
  • The European Space Agency is privatized, mainly to the profit of Saeder-Krupp.
  • The African Rhino is considered extinct in the wild; the only remaining specimens are in captivity.
  • UCLA establishes first undergraduate program in occult studies.[2]
    • Followed by Texas AMM (Agriculture, Medicine, and Magic) and MITT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy).


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  • January 30 PHILLIPINES: Continuing his creation of a police state, Governor Fukatsu Saru bans the manufacture, sales, and ownership of firearms for private individuals. He follows this with laws against all manner of technology, including combustion engines, Matrix gear, and even medical supplies, citing their potential for use as weapons.[1]
  • March 22 GERMANY: After a year of diligent work, a coalition government successfully liberalizes previously restrictive magical research laws. This also grants local political entities large administrative freedoms that will be under the watchful eye of a separate oversight committee as part of the research liberalization.[1]
  • May 1 UK: Oxford and Edinburgh universities establish Bachelor of Science degrees in occult studies despite arguments disputing the legitimacy of magic as a viable degree.[1]
  • May 1 SIOUX: The Bureau of High Technology ruled today that only Sioux-based corporations can license technology from the University of Cheyenne, halting to any negotiations with corporations like Aztechnology and Shiawase. [1]
  • July 25 USA: The first cyberterminal is tested for military intelligence applications. A room-sized isolation chamber using multiple jackpoints and hookups, the system allows the operator to interface directly with the world data networks using their minds. Early attempts to use the system drive many volunteers mad.[1]
  • November 2 USA: In the Seattle Metroplex, Brian O'Malley from Milwaukee is named head of the Finnigan family and Don of the Seattle Mafia. He is assigned to deal with the problem of the Yakuza in the metroplex.[1][2]
  • The World Combat Cyclists League (WCCL) is founded; Combat Biker becomes a major sport.


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  • February 28 FRANCE: In Paris, Dr. Etienne Dumas, Professor Emeritus of Occult Studies of Université de la Sorbonne in Paris announces a breakthrough in magical studies; a method to test the magical abilities of humans and metahumans. The Dumas Test is quickly adapted by corporations eager to test employees for magical talents.[1]
  • March 8 USA: In Los Angeles, California, the Los Angeles Power and Water Company begins the first commercial use of cold fusion in its facilities. The fresh water produced as a biproduct is the Governor’s hope for alleviating the city’s water shortage.[1]
  • May 28 UK: The Lord Protector's office drafts the Magical Practitioners Registration Bill, which is designed to strictly control the use of magic in Great Britain. Despite heavy criticism from both media and academic sources, Parliament swiftly passes into law.[1]
  • June 4 USA: The court case of Manhattan Inc. vs. The State of New York, forces the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx to separate from Manhattan, and allows Manhattan to retain the name New York for itself.[1]
  • July 28: When the corrupt city government orders the Bundesgrenzschutz to suppress ongoing riots, Berlin explode into a month-long civil war.
  • August 7 JAPAN: The great dragon Ryumyo aids Akira Watada in his rise to power, gaining tremendous influence within the Yakuza.[1]
  • November 8 USA: Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx become one entity called the Quad Counties in response to their ousting from New York City. The attempted merger fails after just over a year, and the boroughs separate again.[1]
  • November 17 USA: The Revised Telecommunications Act of 2027 is passed. Under this Act, if the content of a sat-cast is legal in its country of origin, the ITCC will not challenge it in the U.S. regardless of the content. Retransmission of restricted content over domestic ground-based transmitters remains illegal.[1]
  • Mount Tajumulco erupts in Aztlan.
  • Japan starts deporting metahumans to Yomi Island.
  • Ares begins construction of the Daedalus Space Station at the L4 Lagrange Point.
  • The National Football League and professional boxing integrate cybernetic implants.


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  • April 10 USA: A massive earthquake hits Los Angeles, California, causing millions of dollars in damages and more than five thousand deaths. Los Angeles International Airport is completely destroyed, and the recently activated fusion reactors are critically damaged.[1][2]
  • July 4 USA: Dunkelzahn appoints neophyte reporter Terri Ann Riberio to be his new “voice.”[1]
  • August 2 GERMANY: The University of Heidelberg establishes the first German professorship of magic.[1][3]
  • August 14 USA: The National Football League delays the start of the season by two months due to fields and facilities being upgraded to support cybernetically enhanced players.[1]
  • September 6 UK: Cambridge University establishes a Bachelor of Science degree in Occult Studies.[1]
  • September 11 USA: Due to funding from an anonymous donor, the University of Chicago incorporates magical studies, such as metamagical theory, alchemy and spell design, into their Philosophy department [1]
  • October 31 FRANCE: In Brittany, druids from the Druidic Revival of Brittany are able to contain and dissipate the Mist. Unfortunately, this is not completely successful as the Mist returns in smaller patches throughout Brittany in unpredictable patterns.[1]
  • November 3 FRANCE: The entire royal family of Monaco is killed during a massive earthquake that devastates southern France.[1]
  • November 7 USA: Andrew McAlister is elected President of the United States..[1]
  • November 10 SALISH COUNCIL: Walter Bright Water gains a reputation based on his advocacy of segregation of humans and metahumans, claiming it is the only way to assure peace. Paradoxically, he is also a strong proponent of welcoming metahumans into Salish Council territory.[1][4]
  • Wallonia joins France.
  • Nicholas Aurelius replaces Sakehisa Tajika as CEO of Ares Macrotechnology.
  • Great Britain withdraws from the New European Economic Community (NEEC).


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  • January 1 GLOBAL: Funded by military intelligence agencies, prototype cyberterminals are developed by leading computer manufacturers like Sony Cybersystems, Fuchi Industrial Electronics, and RCA-Unisys. [1]
  • January 20: Andrew MacAlister is inaugurated President of the United States.
  • February 8 GLOBAL: The Crash Virus of 2029, a virus program of unknown origin and unprecedented power, attacks computer systems worldwide, crashing systems, wiping software, and even burning out hardware. Within a few months, the virus collapses the entire world data network; “the Crash,” as it is later christened, topple governments, destroy corporations, and bring the world economy to the brink of collapse.[1]
  • February 8 USA: Echo Mirage, a top secret task force, is mobilized to combat the virus. Despite their training and the use of experimental cyberterminals, the linear thinking team of military hackers causes them to be routed by the chaotic power of the Crash Virus.[1]
  • February 8 SPAIN: Angry mobs of poverty-stricken citizens in Asturia use the chaos following the Crash as an opportunity to protest their plight, plundering rich enclaves in the region and forcing the wealthy residents to flee. The state of Euskal Herria uses the resulting unrest as an opportunity to secede. The state of Galicia, meanwhile, uses the threat of secession to extract liberal concessions from the government.[1]
  • February 8 SWITZERLAND: A Crash Virus-caused computer failure causes a Genom Corporation facility to accidentally release an experimental mutagen into Basle, killing thousands of people.[1]
  • February 8 EARTH ORBIT: The Crash Virus permanently disables Harris-3M’s Halo, Angel Station, and Nerva stations, while more than half of the other stations suffer fatal system failures. In the majority all of these cases, all onboard are killed.[1]
  • February 12 UK, IRELAND: In response to the Crash Virus, The United Kingdom and Ireland close their borders, ceasing all traffic in and out of the islands.[1]
  • March 1 USA: After studying data from the first failed attempt at combating the Crash Virus, the directors of Echo Mirage use a presidential emergency order to recruit a new team of erratic but brilliant data processing mavericks from industry and academia.[1]
  • April 9 USA: Despite major security measures, the computer virus infects the national air traffic-control network and causes twenty-seven plane crashes within two hours, killing thousands. Among the dead is Keruba International CEO Kerpan Ubavie; his death severely destabilizes Keruba.[1]
  • April 12 JAPAN: After securing a massive loan from Global Financial Services, corporate raider Inazo Aneki buys out the panicked Keruba International shareholders and forms Renraku Holdings . In the following years Aneki begins building Renraku into a powerful corporate player from it's corporate headquarters in Chiba, Japan. [1]
  • May 1 AZTLAN: A major earthquake hits Tenochtitlan; more than five thousand are confirmed dead with several thousand more missing. Much of the older architecture in the city—including the Metropolitan Cathedral—is destroyed. [1]
  • June 27 FRANCE: Seeking a return to political power, the French nobility stir up rumors that the government is using the Crash to cover-up the plundering of the national coffers by government officials. Angry citizens take to the streets all across the country.[1]
  • July 10 USA: In the Seattle Metroplex, the Redmond district collapses in the aftermath of the Crash Virus due to its dependence on the computer industry. Rapidly escalating crime causes local law enforcement to set up barriers around the district. The district never recovers and is eventually known as the Redmond Barrens.[1]
  • July 14 FRANCE: In a military coup led by Gen. Lepoivere, the Fifth Republic falls amid social chaos and economic disaster.[1]
  • July 30 ITALY: The Crash Virus destroys the Mafia’s worldwide financial network. With their assets gone—and still under attack by the more aggressive and ruthless Vory—the Mafia is forced to return to its roots in other more basic criminal enterprises, delving back into neighborhood protection, drug dealing, and smuggling.[1]
  • August 10 EUROPE: Powerless in the face of the Crash with its member states collapsing around it, the European Union is officially dissolved.[1]
  • August 20 SWITZERLAND: Switzerland’s banks recover relatively quickly from the Crash Virus thanks to paranoid financial protocols set in place before the Crash—.[1]
  • August 30 USA: The new Echo Mirage team enters the worldwide data network to battle the Crash Virus armed with improved cyberterminals. Eighteen minutes after entry, four members are dead from lethal biofeedback. Their sacrifice isn’t wasted as scientists analyze the data taken from their cyberterminals and learn how to combat the biofeedback generated by the Crash Virus. Also, it is noted with horror by corporate observers that no computer security protocol in existence can slow down a cyberterminal user. Funds flow into corporate research programs searching for ways to prevent intrusion by hackers using cyberterminals.[1]
  • November 10 SALISH-SHIDHE COUNCIL: The Salish-Shidhe Council opens its borders to all metahumans, not just Native Americans. First generation UGE elves from a variety of tribes move to the Mount Rainier area and form a new tribe called the Sinsearach. Dwarves, orks, and trolls move to the area as well, but in smaller numbers.[1][2]
  • November 28 USA: The new Echo Mirage team slowly learns techniques that allow them to isolate and contain the virus. Equipped with the new combat programs and beefed-up, slimmed-down cyberterminals, they begin a two-year process of purging the Crash Virus from global computer systems.[1]
  • The Native American Nations open their borders to all metahumans.[2]
  • Iceland becomes a protectorate of Trans-polar Aleut Nation.