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  • Febuary 14 USA: In Texas, Governor Santiago-Ortega presides over the opening of the multi-million dollar Metahuman Resource Center in Dallas.[1]
  • July 12 USA: In Atlanta, Georgia, Georgia Tech completes renovations on the formerly unused Ted Turner stadium. The coliseum is covered with an experimental biotech photosynthesis-capable membrane used to produce food and turn solar radiation into usable power.[1]
  • November 5 USA: The USA presidential election is held across the Internet for the first time, using an experimental electronic voting system. Due to the recently passed 29th Amendment, President Jarman becomes the first three-term president since Franklin D. Roosevelt. The opposition claims fraud in the landslide vote, but they cannot produce any evidence to support their accusation.[1]
  • November 11 SWITZERLAND: The Magic Regulation Bill is passed which limits the use of magic almost exclusively to corporate and government forces.[1]
  • November 14 GLOBAL: Using ASIST technology, the first Simsense entertainment unit (a kind of sensory video player) becomes available on the open market. The high price of the unit limits sales to research institutions, large corporations, and the ultra-wealthy.[1]
  • November 15 SWITZERLAND: After new elections are held the cantons of the CSF rejoin Switzerland, but the cantons of Fribourg, Geneva, Jura, Neuchâtel, and Vaud refuse to accept the MSL under Switzerland’s “Opting-Out Law.” These cantons become safe havens for metahumans in Switzerland.[1]
  • After a prolonged succession dispute, George Edward Richard Windsor-Hanover becomes King George VIII in England.
  • Pope John XXV issues the Imago Dei encyclical: Metahumans have souls and are capable of salvation. Magical abilities are not inherently evil. Spirits are manifestations of nature (gray area).[2]
  • Theobald Sarentin appears, agitating for a separate Elvish state with Germany.
  • The 33rd Olympic Summer Games take place in Munich.[3]


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