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  • January 20: William Jarman is inaugurated as President of the United States for the third time.[1]
  • March 11 USA: As part of a massive revitalization project, Truman Technologies begins relocating residents of the Chicago’s Southside.[1]
  • March 21 UK: The United Kingdom Constitution Act is passed. It formally defines the roles of British Parliament and Royalty. The Office of the Lord Protector is created for the purpose of administrating internal and national security. [1]
  • March 24 PHILIPPINES: After Japan appoints Fukatsu Saru governor, he rapidly turns the nation into a police state. He orders the censoring all media, except for those from Japan.[1]
  • March 30 HONG KONG: Conflicts between China and the Phillipines cause a flood of refugees from both countries, threatening to overwhelm the city’s infrastructure. This will continue for the next five years. [1]
  • April 1 USA: The National Football League's first cyber-modified player, linebacker Mario Sanchez of the Philadelphia Eagles starts playing. Due to concerns about these new athletes' unfair advantages over unenhanced players, this type of modification will be restricted to those who need reconstruction due to injury.[1]
  • July 10 UK: The New Druidic Movement in the UK gains a foothold in the government when Lord Marchment, one of their leading figures, is appointed Lord Protector of Great Britain.[1]
  • The Conservationist Party wins the general election in Great Britain. Kenneth Redmond becomes the new Prime Minister.
  • British police start routinely arming its officers with firearms.
  • In Ireland, the "Walsh's hookers" scandal end the career of three government ministers, two businessmen and one bishop.
  • New York Jets quarterback Tim Washington, sporting a cyberarm, throws a Super Bowl-winning 99-yard touchdown pass.
  • The Optical Music Networking Interface (OMNI) is invented.
  • Building of the Southside monorail in Chicago, UCAS, begins.
  • The European Space Agency is privatized, mainly to the profit of Saeder-Krupp.
  • The African Rhino is considered extinct in the wild; the only remaining specimens are in captivity.
  • UCLA establishes first undergraduate program in occult studies.[2]
    • Followed by Texas AMM (Agriculture, Medicine, and Magic) and MITT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy).


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