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  • January 30 PHILLIPINES: Continuing his creation of a police state, Governor Fukatsu Saru bans the manufacture, sales, and ownership of firearms for private individuals. He follows this with laws against all manner of technology, including combustion engines, Matrix gear, and even medical supplies, citing their potential for use as weapons.[1]
  • March 22 GERMANY: After a year of diligent work, a coalition government successfully liberalizes previously restrictive magical research laws. This also grants local political entities large administrative freedoms that will be under the watchful eye of a separate oversight committee as part of the research liberalization.[1]
  • May 1 UK: Oxford and Edinburgh universities establish Bachelor of Science degrees in occult studies despite arguments disputing the legitimacy of magic as a viable degree.[1]
  • May 1 SIOUX: The Bureau of High Technology ruled today that only Sioux-based corporations can license technology from the University of Cheyenne, halting to any negotiations with corporations like Aztechnology and Shiawase. [1]
  • July 25 USA: The first cyberterminal is tested for military intelligence applications. A room-sized isolation chamber using multiple jackpoints and hookups, the system allows the operator to interface directly with the world data networks using their minds. Early attempts to use the system drive many volunteers mad.[1]
  • November 2 USA: In the Seattle Metroplex, Brian O'Malley from Milwaukee is named head of the Finnigan family and Don of the Seattle Mafia. He is assigned to deal with the problem of the Yakuza in the metroplex.[1][2]
  • The World Combat Cyclists League (WCCL) is founded; Combat Biker becomes a major sport.


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