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  • February 28 FRANCE: In Paris, Dr. Etienne Dumas, Professor Emeritus of Occult Studies of Université de la Sorbonne in Paris announces a breakthrough in magical studies; a method to test the magical abilities of humans and metahumans. The Dumas Test is quickly adapted by corporations eager to test employees for magical talents.[1]
  • March 8 USA: In Los Angeles, California, the Los Angeles Power and Water Company begins the first commercial use of cold fusion in its facilities. The fresh water produced as a biproduct is the Governor’s hope for alleviating the city’s water shortage.[1]
  • May 28 UK: The Lord Protector's office drafts the Magical Practitioners Registration Bill, which is designed to strictly control the use of magic in Great Britain. Despite heavy criticism from both media and academic sources, Parliament swiftly passes into law.[1]
  • June 4 USA: The court case of Manhattan Inc. vs. The State of New York, forces the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx to separate from Manhattan, and allows Manhattan to retain the name New York for itself.[1]
  • July 28: When the corrupt city government orders the Bundesgrenzschutz to suppress ongoing riots, Berlin explode into a month-long civil war.
  • August 7 JAPAN: The great dragon Ryumyo aids Akira Watada in his rise to power, gaining tremendous influence within the Yakuza.[1]
  • November 8 USA: Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx become one entity called the Quad Counties in response to their ousting from New York City. The attempted merger fails after just over a year, and the boroughs separate again.[1]
  • November 17 USA: The Revised Telecommunications Act of 2027 is passed. Under this Act, if the content of a sat-cast is legal in its country of origin, the ITCC will not challenge it in the U.S. regardless of the content. Retransmission of restricted content over domestic ground-based transmitters remains illegal.[1]
  • Mount Tajumulco erupts in Aztlan.
  • Japan starts deporting metahumans to Yomi Island.
  • Ares begins construction of the Daedalus Space Station at the L4 Lagrange Point.
  • The National Football League and professional boxing integrate cybernetic implants.


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