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  • April 10 USA: A massive earthquake hits Los Angeles, California, causing millions of dollars in damages and more than five thousand deaths. Los Angeles International Airport is completely destroyed, and the recently activated fusion reactors are critically damaged.[1][2]
  • July 4 USA: Dunkelzahn appoints neophyte reporter Terri Ann Riberio to be his new “voice.”[1]
  • August 2 GERMANY: The University of Heidelberg establishes the first German professorship of magic.[1][3]
  • August 14 USA: The National Football League delays the start of the season by two months due to fields and facilities being upgraded to support cybernetically enhanced players.[1]
  • September 6 UK: Cambridge University establishes a Bachelor of Science degree in Occult Studies.[1]
  • September 11 USA: Due to funding from an anonymous donor, the University of Chicago incorporates magical studies, such as metamagical theory, alchemy and spell design, into their Philosophy department [1]
  • October 31 FRANCE: In Brittany, druids from the Druidic Revival of Brittany are able to contain and dissipate the Mist. Unfortunately, this is not completely successful as the Mist returns in smaller patches throughout Brittany in unpredictable patterns.[1]
  • November 3 FRANCE: The entire royal family of Monaco is killed during a massive earthquake that devastates southern France.[1]
  • November 7 USA: Andrew McAlister is elected President of the United States..[1]
  • November 10 SALISH COUNCIL: Walter Bright Water gains a reputation based on his advocacy of segregation of humans and metahumans, claiming it is the only way to assure peace. Paradoxically, he is also a strong proponent of welcoming metahumans into Salish Council territory.[1][4]
  • Wallonia joins France.
  • Nicholas Aurelius replaces Sakehisa Tajika as CEO of Ares Macrotechnology.
  • Great Britain withdraws from the New European Economic Community (NEEC).


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